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ETS Low Fare – 50% Discount until 31st Dec, 2018

Nov 10, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Travel

I was at the train station recently to buy my ETS ticket because, once again, the ETS ticketing website was down. Came across this poster regarding 50% discount on selected ETS tickets. This offer, available from now until 31st December, is only valid for KL Sentral - Gemas - KL Sentral and Sg. Petani - Padang ... continue reading »

Imagine riding on a train chugging along the seemingly endless railway track. Looking out the window, you see stretches and stretches of paddy fields, plantations and even dilapidated village houses. Bedazzled by the change of scenery, suddenly, travelling brings on a whole new meaning when you just allow the train to take you to your ... continue reading »

This post is actually for my own reference. ETS changes its schedule so often, I have difficulty keeping up. So, this timetable is like a one-stop page for all trains that depart from and arrive at Ipoh Railway Station. Ipoh to KL Sentral Departure - Arrival 5.05am - 7.25am 7.25am - 9.47am 9am - 11.22am *10.30am - 1.05pm 1pm - 3.22pm 3.30pm - ... continue reading »

This is an updated post on the latest Electric Train Service (ETS) schedule and fare for Ipoh to Butterworth and Butterworth to Ipoh.Ipoh to Butterworth (fare: Gold Class - RM33) 5.30am 11.28am 11.44am 7.50pm (Weekend) 8.58pm 10.15pm Butterworth to Ipoh (fare: Gold Class - RM33) 5am 7am 3pm 5.55pm 7pm (Weekend) 9.15pm (Weekend) If you have any questions regarding the schedule or fare, do leave a comment. Note: View larger ... continue reading »

This is an updated post on the latest Electric Train Service (ETS) schedule and fare for Ipoh to Padang Besar and Padang Besar to Ipoh. Ipoh to Padang Besar (fare: Gold Class - RM54 unless indicated) 5.30am 11.44am 1.06pm (Platinum - RM66) 6.16pm Padang Besar to Ipoh (fare: Gold Class - RM54 unless indicated) 7.45am 9.30am (Platinum - RM66) 4.15pm 5.15pm If you have any questions ... continue reading »

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

The Ipoh to Butterworth and KL Sentral to Padang Besar electric train services were launched on July 10, 2015. However, it was only last week that I had an opportunity to check out the service when I took the train from Ipoh to Butterworth and its return journey. I was in no hurry to try the ... continue reading »

KTMB Electric Train Service ETS

Today, I'm sharing with you the new Electric Train Serive (ETS) schedule for KL Sentral to Padang Besar, Perlis. The departure time from KL Sentral is 9.30am and estimated arrival time at Padang Besar is 3pm. As for the train from Padang Besar heading towards Kuala Lumpur, it departs at 4pm and will arrive at 9.15pm. Schedule: ... continue reading »

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