Latest ETS Train Schedule & Fare From Ipoh Station

This post is actually for my own reference. ETS changes its schedule so often, I have difficulty keeping up. So, this timetable is like a one-stop page for all trains that depart from and arrive at Ipoh Railway Station.

ETS at Ipoh Railway Station
ETS at Ipoh Railway Station

Ipoh to KL Sentral
Departure – Arrival
5.05am – 7.25am
7.25am – 9.47am
9am – 11.22am
*10.30am – 1.05pm
1pm – 3.22pm
3.30pm – 5.52pm
5.45pm – 8.13pm
**7.15pm – 9.37pm

All Gold Class (RM35) except marked *
*Silver Class (RM25)
**Weekend only

KL Sentral to Ipoh
Departure – Arrival
8.30am – 10.48am
***11.30am – 1.49pm
*12.20pm – 2.50pm
2pm – 4.18pm
4pm – 6.18pm
6.50pm – 9.08pm
*8.45pm – 11.15pm
**10.15pm – 12.33am
10.45pm – 1.03am

All Gold Class (RM35) except marked * & ***
*Silver Class (RM25)
***Platinum Class (RM46)
**Weekend only

Ipoh to Butterworth
Departure – Arrival
***11.21am – 1.02pm
***1.51pm – 3.32pm
6.38pm – 8.24pm
10.21pm – 12.07am
11.58pm – 1.44am

All Gold Class (RM33) except marked ***
***Platinum Class (RM42)

Butterworth to Ipoh
Departure – Arrival
***4.45am – 6.25am
6.10am – 7.57am
7.33am – 9.20am
***1.30pm – 3.10pm
4.05pm – 5.52pm

All Gold Class (RM33) except marked ***
***Platinum Class (RM42)

Ipoh to Padang Besar
Departure – Arrival
9.26am – 12.35pm
**10.17am – 1.15pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
12.04pm – 3.10pm
12.59pm – 3.57pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
3.36pm – 6.45pm
7.45pm – 10.50pm
1.50am – 5am

All Gold Class (RM50) except specified
**Weekend only

Padang Besar to Ipoh
Departure – Arrival
6.45am – 9.52am
9.13am – 12.10pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
12.55pm – 3.50pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
**1.58pm – 4.55pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
3.43pm – 6.50pm
4.55pm – 7.52pm (Platinum Class – RM66)
7.40pm – 10.47pm

All Gold Class (RM50) except specified
**Weekend only

Ipoh to Bandar Tasek Selatan
Departure – Arrival
12.12pm – 2.56pm (Platinum Class – RM48)

Bandar Tasek Selatan to Ipoh
Departure – Arrival
3.55pm – 6.36pm (Gold Class – RM37)

Ipoh to Gemas
Departure – Arrival
9.22am – 2.15pm
3.52pm – 8.20pm
10.49pm – 3.33am

All Gold Class (RM59)

Gemas to Ipoh
Departure – Arrival
7.30am – 12.02pm
3pm – 7.43pm
9.10pm – 1.48am

All Gold Class (RM59)

Gemas to JB Sentral
Departure – Arrival
4.15am – 8.25am
2.55pm – 6.45pm
9pm – 1.10am

All Gold Class (RM21)

JB Sentral to Gemas
Departure – Arrival
10am – 2.25pm
4pm – 8.18pm
10.50pm – 3.02am

All Gold Class (RM21)

All fares stated are Standard Adult.

This schedule and fare will be updated as and when I discovered a change, or unless someone points out to me.

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17 thoughts on “Latest ETS Train Schedule & Fare From Ipoh Station

  1. i have never experience taking ets. Did plan a trip with my girls to Kedah at the end of this month. But suddenly few of them cancelled. So i guess i’ll be taking flight instead of ets. isk

  2. Wow thisnis super good news for all travellers to Ipoh. And your trains looks impressive. Never mind our train in Manila, ours not good.

  3. The last time I use ETS was 3 or 4 years back. It’s been a while haha. I don’t really know about the fare and schedule if I were to use the train again. Glad that you’ve written about it here, at least I could refer to this post later. Thanks a lot 🙂

  4. If they change schedules so often, your post is a good reference for other people. I haven’t ride an ETS yet, would like to travel in it one day.

  5. If you are having a OKU daughter or son, or senior parent, advise them to can get the discount prices at ETS. You should mention this info to all disability, orphans and seniors – old parent in our beautiful world. My mom retired and can use senior status. I also am OKU when we are using the ETS train to Penang. It is helping them to save money. 🙂

  6. this is such great help! I find it hard to find the information for these train schedules and I am so Glad u consolidated it here!

  7. The platinum coach from Sungai Petani was bad experience, other passenger bring along durian in the train and its smell very bad and some doesn’t follow their seat number properly. should place regulations or rules before using the train services.
    Make this ETS services a High class services.

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