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It’s Magic In The Family

Jan 20, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail

For the Chee siblings, magic is spelt MRGJC. The three brothers who go by the stage names of Melkinn, Raykinn and Gelvinn, and led by big sister Jorinn, are known as the only sibling illusionists in the world recognised by the International Magicians Society (IMS) from the United States of America, and awarded the "Most ... continue reading »

Sherin’s Nyonya Affair

Jan 19, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail

Although not of Peranakan descent, Sherin Ng Lay Hwa was so interested in its culture that she felt frustrated when she was living in Ipoh. Unable to express her love for its culture and heritage as there were no outlets to express them, without friends who shared the same passion to the point of feeling ... continue reading »

The King of Rhythms

Jan 18, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail

Behind the unassuming façade of a college lecturer in Business Information System lies a different side of Subain Singam - the man with the fastest fingers on drums. Born in Kedah in 1971 and relocated to Ipoh at the age of 16 due to his father's job, Subain took lessons in Indian drums when he was ... continue reading »

Bringing Happiness to All

Jan 17, 2019 Author: Emily | Filed under: Personalities, The Malay Mail

Children in Ipoh know Au Young Keen Kiew, 42, simply as "Au Young the Clown". The engineer by profession with a degree in mineral and petroleum engineering didn't go into clowning by design. Au Young recalled, "It was some time in 2008. I was entered as a participant in a talent contest during our corporate dinner. Without ... continue reading »

Professional cooking, friendly prices and fast service - Tea Place checks all the right boxes for a café of this class. Tea Place is not a new eatery. It opened some four or five years ago. In fact, I do pass it all the time when in Bercham. It's located in an inner road, facing the ... continue reading »

I have heard much about Moment Café 时光•咖啡 and how it is cat-inspired with feline decorations. That was two years ago, and I finally made my way there recently. Yes, it's inspired by cats, a play of the owner's name I presume, but the decorations are very modest and not overwhelming. One could easily miss ... continue reading »

Headed out to Jalan Seenivasagam for Vietnamese, but was shocked to find that the restaurant that we wanted to try out has tapau-ed (closed down). So, we made a turn to Persiaran Greenhill. Had no specific eatery in mind but came across Coffee Right Café and decided to give it a go. Coffee Right Café was ... continue reading »

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