The Ipoh to Butterworth and KL Sentral to Padang Besar electric train services were launched on July 10, 2015. However, it was only last week that I had an opportunity to check out the service when I took the train from Ipoh to Butterworth and its return journey.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

1. at the Ipoh Railway Station

I was in no hurry to try the train since I figured it would be similar to the Ipoh – KL Sentral service which I have travelled on numerous occasions.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

2. on board the ETS heading to Padang Besar

To my pleasant surprise, these train coaches are not exactly the same. Perhaps more modern, I would say. WiFi is available on the train although I didn’t try to connect to it.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

3. my food tray with cup holders

Also, I couldn’t see any power point. Neither did I bend my head under my seat to search for it, nor did I spot anyone else using a laptop during my two rides.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

4. this is the door where you have to press the blue button to open

The lavatory is basic and not as nice or spacious as the Ipoh – KL Sentral shuttle. Nonetheless, there is a disabled-friendly unit on one of the coaches.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

5. on board entertainment

If you are a regular commuter, don’t expect much from on-board entertainment. It still shows the usual Mr. Bean or Tom and Jerry cartoons, and sometimes Harry Potter movies.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

6. countryside scenery

The television set displays the speed of the train and even the next stop. However, it doesn’t indicate the estimated time of arrival at this next station. Conversely, I think this should be useful information.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

7. my ticket from Ipoh to Butterworth – RM33

Anyway, the average speed is about 140 km/h. And speaking to friends, my trip of about 100 +/- minutes from Ipoh to Butterworth is great time clocked. My fare per trip was RM33, which I assumed to be Gold class.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

8. the setting sun bathes the Butterworth Station with an orange hue as my train arrives

All right, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment. For schedule and fare, refer to this POST.

Electric Train Service Ipoh Butterworth

9. my rather empty Coach B returning to Ipoh from Butterworth

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