Cheap fast train is here. Well, it’s not THAT fast but it’s cheap. Cheaper than taking the express bus (adult ticket)! This Koc 1 Rakyat (One Rakyat Coach) is a promotion by Electric Train Services (ETS) and it runs from 1st July to 31st Dec, 2011.

Koc 1 Rakyat


Here are the terms and conditions (only for Malaysians with MyKad):

Promotional period: 1st July – 31st Dec, 2011
Fare: RM16 one way (concession rates do not apply)
Train: Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur OR Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh
Class: Valid for Silver and Gold only. Refer to this post for train timetable.
Number of tickets available: 30 per train

All tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance. The following are ticket purchase dates and corresponding travel dates.

16th – 25th July —-> 1st – 15th Aug
2nd – 11th Aug ——> 16th – 31st Aug
16th – 25th Aug —–> 1st – 15th Sept
2nd – 11th Sept —–> 16th – 30th Sept
16th – 25th Sept —-> 1st – 15th Oct
2nd – 11th Oct ——> 16th – 31st Oct
16th – 25th Oct —–> 1st – 15th Nov
2nd – 11th Nov ——> 16th – 30th Nov
16th – 25th Nov —–> 1st – 15th Dec
2nd – 11th Dec ——> 16th – 31st Dec

ETS ticket counter hours (Ipoh): 8am – 8pm
ETS website:

This information is correct at the time of writing. Kindly contact ETS directly for latest information.

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