New Electric Train Service (ETS) Schedule & Fare: Ipoh – Butterworth – Ipoh

By now, you would have read about the electric train service from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar which began operations two days ago on July 10, 2015.

Well, if you thought that you could just hop onto the train from KL Sentral and be transported smoothly to Padang Besar in five hours, let me tell you here and now that there’s no such luck. Unfortunately, our rail services are still not that advanced yet.

The departure time from KL Sentral is 9.30am and estimated arrival time at Padang Besar is 3pm. As for the train from Padang Besar heading towards Kuala Lumpur, it departs at 4pm and will arrive at 9.15pm.

Schedule: KL Sentral – Padang Besar
Station – Departure
KL Sentral – 9.30am
Tanjung Malim – 10.32am
Tapah Road – 11.08am
Kampar – 11.17am
Ipoh – 11.39am
Kuala Kangsar – 12.05pm
Taiping – 12.24pm
Parit Buntar – 12.51pm
Bukit Mertajam – 1.05pm
Butterworth – 1.28pm
Bukit Mertajam – 1.38pm
Sungai Petani – 1.57pm
Alor Setar – 2.24pm
Arau – 2.42pm
Padang Besar – 3pm

Schedule: Padang Besar – KL Sentral
Station – Departure
Padang Besar – 4pm
Arau – 4.15pm
Alor Setar – 4.31pm
Sungai Petani – 4.56pm
Bukit Mertajam – 5.15pm
Butterworth – 5.38pm
Bukit Mertajam – 5.47pm
Parit Buntar – 6pm
Taiping – 6.25pm
Kuala Kangsar – 6.40pm
Ipoh – 7.07pm
Kampar – 7.26pm
Tapah Road – 7.36pm
Tanjung Malim – 8.10pm
KL Sentral – 9.15pm

The Electric Train Service (ETS) Gold from KL Sentral to Padang Besar will make a total of 14 stops. Currently, there are two trains daily, and the fare (adult) is RM80 per trip.

KTMB Electric Train Service ETS
photo from The Star

In this post, I am also sharing the schedules for Ipoh – Butterworth – Ipoh and Butterworth – Padang Besar – Butterworth plus the fares, so that you can see how much waiting time you have between transits.

Schedule: Ipoh to Butterworth
Station – Arrival / Departure
Ipoh – – / 5am
Tasek – 5.06am / 5.07am
Sungai Siput – 5.17am / 5.18am
Kuala Kangsar – 5.28am / 5.29am
Padang Rengas – 5.35am / 5.36am
Taiping – 5.49am / 5.50am
Kamunting – 5.54am / 5.55am
Bagan Serai – 6.11am / 6.12am
Parit Buntar – 6.18am / 6.19am
Nibong Tebal – 6.22am / 6.23am
Simpang Ampat – 6.29am / 6.30am
Bukit Mertajam – 6.37am / 6.38am
Bukit Tengah 6.42am / 6.43am
Butterworth – 6.50am / –

Fare: From Ipoh to…. (Adult / Child)
Butterworth – RM23 / RM16
Bukit Tengah – RM22 / RMRM15
Bukit Mertajam – RM22 / RM15
Simpang Ampat – RM22 RM15
Nibong Tebal – RM20 / RM14
Parit Buntar – RM20 / RM14
Bagan Serai – RM19 / RM14
Kamunting – RM16 / RM12
Taiping – RM15 / RM12
Padang Rengas – RM14 / RM11
Kuala Kangsar – RM13 / RM11
Sungai Siput – RM11 / RM10
Tasek – RM9 / RM9

Schedule: Butterworth to Ipoh
Station – Arrival / Departure
Butterworth – – / 5pm
Bukit Tengah – 5.07pm / 5.08pm
Bukit Mertajam – 5.12pm / 5.13pm
Simpang Ampat – 5.20pm / 5.21pm
Nibong Tebal – 5.27pm / 5.28pm
Parit Buntar – 5.31pm / 5.32pm
Bagan Serai – 5.38pm / 5.39pm
Kamunting – 5.55pm / 5.56pm
Taiping – 6pm / 6.01pm
Padang Rengas – 6.14pm / 6.15pm
Kuala Kangsar – 6.21pm / 6.22pm
Sungai Siput – 6.32pm / 6.33pm
Tasek – 6.43pm / 6.44pm
Ipoh – 6.50pm / –

Fare: From Butterworth to…. (Adult / Child)
Bukit Tengah – RM9 / RM9
Bukit Mertajam – RM9 / RM9
Simpang Ampat – RM10 / RM9
Nibong Tebal – RM11 / RM10
Parit Buntar – RM12 / RM10
Bagan Serai –RM13 / RM11
Kamunting – RM16 / RM12
Taiping – RM16 / RM12
Padang Rengas – RM18 / RM13
Kuala Kangsar – RM19 / RM14
Sungai Siput – RM20 / RM14
Tasek – RM22 / RM15
Ipoh – RM23 / RM16

The following are posts on KTMB’s other rail services, for your reference:

Ipoh – KL Sentral Electric Train Service (ETS)

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Ipoh – Hat Yai (Thailand)

Do note that these prices are promotional fares, calculated at 13 sen per kilometre. The normal rate is 17 sen per kilometre. In September, the number of trains will increase to four per day. Next year, commuters can expect business class with reclining seats.

Personally, I am interested in the electric train service from Ipoh to Butterworth. At this point, there is only one train per day, and since the train departs from the Ipoh Railway Station at 5am, it is possible for Ipohites to go to Butterworth on a day trip.

If we were to cross to Penang Island, it is advisable to do so by ferry – the Pangkalan Sultan Abdul Halim Ferry Terminal is just a short distance from the Butterworth Railway Station.

However, for travellers coming from the North, it is impossible to complete the visit to Ipoh within a day as the departure time from Padang Besar is 2pm and Butterworth to Ipoh is 5pm.

The above KTMB electric train services for KL Sentral – Padang Besar – KL Sentral, Ipoh – Butterworth – Ipoh and Butterworth – Padang Besar – Butterworth will be updated as and when new information is made available.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule or fare, do leave a comment.

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