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Asian Water Sports Village, Puchong

Asian Water Sports Village
on a boat transfer to Asian Water Sports Village

My friends and I spent almost seven hours at Asian Water Sports Village (AWSV) in Puchong, one recent Saturday afternoon. This water sports village has got to be Selangor’s best kept secret. Why do I say so? That’s because we lost our way. Haha!

Asian Water Sports Village
This is it!

If you have been following my blog closely, you would know that I have water phobia because I don’t know how to swim. However, at Asian Water Sports Village, it makes no difference whether a person is a good swimmer, a poor swimmer, or like me, who doesn’t know how to swim at all. Whoever enters the pond has to wear a life jacket, anyway.

Asian Water Sports Village
one of the motorized water sports: banana boat

In addition, we were all briefed on safety measures and put through a “water confidence initiation rite”, which helped non-swimmers to build confidence in the water, in case we were thrown into the pond later.

Asian Water Sports Village
Evo Pro 3

All water sports activities are carried out at the Tasik Prima (Prime Lake), a disused mining pond. It is very deep and anything that falls in will stay in there forever. Hence, we were advised to remove all accessories, spectacles. etc. to avoid losing them.

Asian Water Sports Village
flying fish

I surprised myself that despite being afraid of water, I tried out all the motorised rides, including the Banana Boat, Evo Pro 3, GX 4, and the most thrilling of all, Flying Fish! During my rides, I kept asking myself, “S…, what have I gotten myself into???”

Asian Water Sports Village
hold tight!

But what a challenge! What fun! I am happy to say that I was not flung into the pond, although I admit pleading with the boatman not to drive at top speed! Speed is only one determining factor, though. Once you are on a ride, the only thing for you to do is to HOLD TIGHT!!!

flying fish
That’s me on the Flying Fish! Woooeee!!!!

Other activities available at AWSV are aqua flying, turbo blasting, kayaking, jet skiing/drifting, lake swimming, fishing, sand sculpting, etc. Moreover, guests could request for barbeque dinner, like we did, and we also made a special request for live band entertainment.

Asian Water Sports Village
Albert (AWSV) giving instructions to Azizi

What I like about AWSV, the only licensed water sports centre in the Klang Valley, is that being the authorised distributor for BRP SeaDoo Towable Tubes, they are able to continuously offer new rides to us. There could be something different during our next visit.

Asian Water Sports Village
Puteri & Syam kayaking

AWSV also caters to group bookings like family day, corporate team building, annual dinner, private beach party, 2D/1N packages, etc. Rates are quoted according to requirements.

Asian Water Sports Village
Hagi shows off his “souvenir” on his temple from knocking against another person's head while on one of the rides

Opening hours: Daily from 10am – 7pm

Admission fee:
Weekdays: RM134/pax (Promo: RM39/pax)
Weekend & holidays: RM180/pax (Promo: RM49/pax)

*24 hours advanced booking is required

Boat transfer schedule:
10am, 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6.30pm, 7pm, 7.30pm, 8pm
(RM10/pax is charged for out-of-schedule transfer service)

Asian Water Sports Village
upon special request: live band from Indonesia

Asian Water Sports Village
Add: 21, Jalan Tasik Prima 2/5, Taman Tasik Prima, 47150 Puchong, Selangor.
Tel: +603-80272288
Fax: +603-80513300
email: david@asianwatersportsvillage.com

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