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Electric Train Services (ETS) – Differences In Silver, Gold, Platinum Class

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There are three classes of electric train (ETS) now: Silver, Gold and Platinum. What is the difference between these three classes? The difference is in the number of stops these trains make, hence the duration of the trip.

Silver Class
Fare: RM25 one way
Duration: 2hrs 30mins
Stops: Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kampar, Tapah Road, Sungkai, Slim River, Behrang, Tanjung Malim, Kuala Kubu Road, Rawang, Sungai Buloh, Kepong Sentral, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, KL Sentral

Ipoh to KL Sentral
Time (Mon – Fri): 2pm, 6.15pm
Time (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays): 10am, 2pm, 6.15pm

KL Sentral to Ipoh
Time (Mon – Thurs): 11.55am, 7.01pm, 9pm
Time (Fri): 11.55am, 7.01pm, 9pm, 9.32pm
Time (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays): 12.40pm, 6.55pm, 9pm

Gold Class
Fare: RM35 one way
Duration: 2hrs 15mins
Stops: Ipoh, Batu Gajah, Kampar, Slim River, Tanjung Malim, Rawang, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, KL Sentral

Ipoh to KL Sentral
Time (Mon – Fri): 5.30am, 11.15am, 3pm, 4pm
Time (Sat): 5.30am, 11.15am, 3pm
Time (Sun & Public Holidays): 5.30am, 11.15am, 3pm, 7pm

KL Sentral to Ipoh
Time (daily): 10.45am, 2pm, 5.35pm

Platinum Class
Fare: RM45
Duration: 1hr 58mins + free breakfast
Stops: Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, KL Sentral

Ipoh to KL Sentral
Time (daily): 8.30am

KL Sentral to Ipoh
Time (daily): 8am

Concession fares:
Ipoh to KL Sentral (for all classes)
Adult: nil
Children: 50%
Senior citizens: 30%
Government/KTMB staff: 30%
Disabled (OKU): 40%
Students: 20%

Ipoh to Seremban (for Silver class only)
Adult: nil
Children: 40%
Senior citizens: 30%
Government/KTMB staff: 30%
Disabled (OKU): 40%
Students: 20%

Ticket counter hours (Ipoh): 8am – 8pm
ETS website: http://www.ets-train.com.my

This post supersedes my earlier post: Electric Train Services (ETS) Ipoh – KL Sentral – Seremban

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With love

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41 thoughts on “Electric Train Services (ETS) – Differences In Silver, Gold, Platinum Class

  1. the 15min cost rm10? phew -_-”

    anyway, thanks for the update info.. good job!

  2. Well, at least it’s faster and cleaner than KTM’s first class (RM40) and takes slightly more than 3 hours!

  3. Thanks Emily. You doing a good job. But it saddens me that there is no early morning train to Ipoh. Can’t go early and return after work anymore.

  4. You can still take the bus. earliest Plusliner bus leaves medan gopeng at 6.30am. stops at kl sentral for now. i usually reach my office by 9-930 am.

  5. Thank you for the summary. Easier to view the price & time compared to the official KTMB site which I find it more tedious. call me lazy but i really don’t like the idea of opening few pages to check the difference between the 3 classes and price + time. i find it all in your page, all in one.

  6. Thanks for your article Emily. It has been very helpful. My friends and I will be going to Ipoh but have not decided to which mode of transportation to take due to the limited schedule. Is it better to travel by train to Ipoh or share a taxi from KL Sentral? There are four of us. Please advise. Thanks!

  7. hi…i have been travelling in ets train very often past 2 months.And i really liked it very much.Today was the worst day of travelling in ets gold train.Because today 4am i took Yoyo bus to LCCT to send off my maid and i took 5.35pm train back to Ipoh. I was in KL Sentral by 5pm.Unfortunately the train was delayed but time they could not announce it, What they announce is ets train is been delayed ..so time to departure to Ipoh you all listen to the annoucement frm time to time.As everyone knows KL Sentral is a busy and noisy so we cant move anywhere frm the place, and there were not enough chairs to sit as some of them are keeping their luggage on the chairs. Best thing aircond was not blowing sufficent enough.Train came only at 6.20pm and they gave us 5 minits to get into the train.All of us ran down like mad with big luggage. One man fell down in the staircase as everyone was rushing. Not far frm the station the train stopped and no aircond again.EVERYONE IN TRAIN WAS SAYING SHIT..SHIT.We reached tanjung malim 7.35pm the same time that we should have reached Ipoh.And no Canteen service in train.Finally reached Ipoh 8.40pm.ETS GOLD TRAIN WITH RM35 CHARGES BUT TODAY WAS LOUSY SERVICE THEY GAVE.

  8. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Sometimes, a delay is inevitable… but to hear of a man falling down the stairs? I hope he’s not injured!

  9. Hi Emily,
    Thanks for your advice! In the end, my friends and I took Star Shuttle directly from LCCT to Ipoh (Ticket RM42 per pax) and for our journey back we took a taxi at RM250. Just a short business trip, next time will stay longer to enjoy the good food there!

  10. Oh, you are welcome.

    How come you didn’t take the express bus from Puduraya? It’s only RM17.40 per person.

  11. Oh, because we arrived from Kuching at LCCT. Due to convenience and time constraint we decided to take the bus directly from LCCT. The bus was comfortable and we have plenty of leg space. 😀

  12. Hi Guys thanks a lot for all the info; found them really helpful!
    I would like to know if the ETS offers a senior citizen’s discount and if so, how much? I know KTM does, but I cannot assume ETS would also give the discount.

  13. My mum is a regular passenger since when you started ETS. Since the price increase she don’t even know how the charges are like. There are variest charges.Therefor she ask your Ipoh caunter who was sitting there. For your information, your staff are not aware of the charges themselve. May i ask you, then how are they going to educate your customes???????
    She tried again today at your special promotion counter at ipoh branch…….and again…….the same thing happen. They said something less than RM16 then my mum ask about the time, 3 of them were looking at each other and said ” tak tau”…….so MR.MANAGER are these the service that you guys provide? I think those of your staff who were sitting there are just for one reason……..FOR SHOW!!!!!!
    Don’t aspect an old lady to serve online to check the price and schedule. If at all in this modern world we are all using internet…then my as well book our ticket online too…..why need a counter.
    Please let me know what are the purpose they are sitting there?

  14. Well, well done to ETS on eve of Hari Raya (29/8/2011). ETS Gold at 5.35pm was punctual! Syabas to ETS and KTM. My first trip on Gold service after taking commuter from Seremban. A vast difference of standard but its really worth it from the comparison. Commuter service really needs much improvement! Keep it up ETS but need more publication on the service provided to gain more clients.

  15. My son is an OKU. Today he went to Rawang by Electric Train from Ipoh. When he produced his OKU card at ticketing counter, he got the ticket at RM17( actual fare is RM22 ) . I wonder how many percent was the discount??? The ticketing counter was very messy. We waited for 20 mins and not a ticket was sold. Didnt know what was actually happened!!! Then I heard a customer said ” be more systematic” because the counter sold tickets didnt according to the numbers we got. Mr Manager, please minimise this sort of unhappy incidence.

  16. Evelyn,

    According to the concession prices, OKU’s are entitled to a 40% discount; so basing on a RM22 fare, your son should be paying RM13.20. Would someone (Emily..??) care to explain why he was charged RM17?

  17. Today i bought a ETS ticket to KL Sentral for RM45… ETS Platinum (ETS1) (CMB) 8.30am Actually date departure is for 21st October…The meal coloum is written: N
    Why no breakfast is provided?

  18. Rose,

    The eligible age for KTM’s senior citizen status is 60 yrs and above. ETS is under KTM so the same rule applies.
    BTW, no one has come forth to explain my earlier query on the “discrepant” OKU discount rate. Emily, can you kindly clarify the position?

  19. Evelyn/Ben,

    with reference to website:-http://www.ets-train.com.my/web/ets/images/content/ticket/concession-.pdf

    The final ticket price for OKU as follows:-

    = (Travel fare – RM8) * (1 – 40%) + 8

    = (22 – 8) * (1 – 40%) + 8

    = 14 * 0.6 + 8

    = 8.4 + 8

    = 16.4 x Gov Tax 6%

    = RM17.38

  20. Hi Emily
    Thanks a lot for the info. My son and I wanted to go to Ipoh for a day trip. We be going to Malaysia for a vacation and wanted to visit a relative in Ipoh. This is our first trip going on ETS. So the best way to buy the tickets is to buy in advance? Where to buy the ticket? The platinum class how is the service? How much the cost? What is the earliest time fr KL to Ipoh and what is the time for the 2nd to the last trip back to KL fr Ipoh?
    Beside that what is the best things to see in Ipoh? Is it easier to get a taxi and travel around there? Is it safe?
    Can you email the info to me please.
    I thank you in advance and appreciate your help.

  21. Hello Zairin,

    I understand your concerns but if you had taken time to read through my posts on the ETS and comments from readers, you would have all the answers you need.

    As for what you want to see in Ipoh, it depends on your interests and the amount of time available.

    Enjoy your holiday.


  22. Hi Emily, in Platinum class is there only going to Ipoh and no return in platinum class as we are thinking of going to Ipoh for a day trip in july when we visit Malaysia

    Thanks Paul

  23. Thanks for spending your time to writing this Emily. Now I know the different between Silver, Gold and Platinum seat. (There is no Platinum seat anymore based on their website) About to go Seri Iskandar tomorrow after almost 2 years I didn’t reach overthere. God bless you Emily! 🙂

  24. First time planning to take ETS. Can i know how the fare from KL Sentral to Seri Manjung? From Seri Manjung station is TAXI service available to nearby destinations? Is it convenient.

  25. Hi! Emily,

    Would like to know how much is taxi fare from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur, any Uber service in Ipoh? Secondly, we are traveling with 2 years old son, apart from taxi which transportation is more convenient in between ETS and shuttle bus?

  26. Hi there, today 30 Oct I were travel Ipoh to kl sentral by used ets gold.. We enter our 6pm but its moved at 7pm due give way to other train OK we understand.. But even worst the train stop not even reach the next station BT Gajah for 1 hour plus for the same purpose… Total time we waited is the time more then we reached kl.. If we have to sit like stone in the train why there is different rate..

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