Electric Train Service (ETS) Revisited – 3-month Review

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One of my readers told me that there is a power point below our seats so I made sure to look for it. True enough, it was there below the seat at the “wall” and I felt that it’s a very inconvenient position! Shouldn’t it be placed further out so that we don’t have to bend down so far or squat to plug in our adapter(s)? Does ETS think that we are plastic men and women?

electric train stewardesses
stewardesses taking orders

This trip, one improvement that I noticed is that there were two stewardesses who went to all the coaches to “sell” buns and take orders for drinks and other stuff like noodles and nasi lemak (coconut milk rice). This saves the passengers from searching for the food bar which is in the middle coach.

TV programmes
TV programme reruns

Throughout the ride, we got to watch reruns of Friends, Superman and Tom & Jerry cartoons. Too bad there was no audio but it was definitely better than watching ETS advertisements over and over like what I had to do on my first ride on the electric train.


One other improvement is the safety aspect of the electric train. On my first trip, the electric train exceeded 160kmph at some stretches, which I felt was way too fast and the train was swaying left and right. I had the urge to tie myself down with a seat belt but that isn’t provided. This trip, maximum speed achieved was only 140+/- kmph.

electric train in Ipoh
ETS train

Going at 160+/- kmph, my trip from KL Sentral to Ipoh took only 2hrs 5mins. However, this recent trip took 2hrs 30mins. ETS advertised their best effort as 1hr 56mins and taking the old train that is powered by diesel would take 3hrs. When you think of it, the time difference is not much, though the fare is a lot more expensive at RM30 from KL Sentral to Ipoh on the electric train compared to RM12 Economy Class.

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P/S: Once again, I scanned for ETS wi-fi access point with my two smart phones and couldn’t detect it!

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13 thoughts on “Electric Train Service (ETS) Revisited – 3-month Review

  1. Hi Emily, I’m planning to go to Penang from Singapore next week. I came across your page. Do I have to buy ETS tickets from KL Sentral in advance or can I buy on the spot in the early morning? I had earlier planned to take a bus from Puduraya. Thank you. Peter. Dec 21, 2010.

  2. Hi Peter,

    The electric train only runs from Ipoh to Seremban, so coming from Singapore, the best way is to take a flight.

    You could also take the old KTM train from Singapore to Butterworth (Singapore-Butterworth Express) and then take a bus/taxi/ferry from Butterworth to Penang Island.

    I am unable to furnish you with the train schedule or fare though so please find out from the KTM office in Singapore.

    Just to let you know, as far as I understand, Puduraya is closed for renovation and the temporary bus terminal is in Bukit Jalil, if you are heading North from Kuala Lumpur.

  3. Dear Emily,

    The ETS travel time from Ipoh – KL, is it still 2 hrs 05 min?

    Any improvement?

    Thank you.
    Boon In

  4. May I share my share my experience with one mode of transport from KLIA to KL Sentral that is economical but not promoted by the authority.

    Upon reaching the arrival hall at KLILA, one can hardly see the signboard to bus terminal. You will only see the bus terminal direction after you have stepped out of arrival hall and at the public greeting area. Look out for it if you want to save some RM50.00 (especially if you are traveling alone and not sharing the taxi).

    The coach to KL Sentral is at the lowest level of the car park at KLIA. The signage for the direction to the bus terminal is at the public greeting area. Walk towards the multi level car park and take the lift to the lowest level.

    It cost only RM10.00 from KLIA to KL Sentral, as opposed to taxi about RM70.00 per car or KLIA Ekspress RM35 per person.

    The journey is about 55 minutes, and the maximum interval is 30 minutes. It is good especially you are travelling at the non-peak hours. The coach is silent and comfortable (no tv noise, a rare situation in Malaysia, hurray!).

    This bus service is under utilised. I hope more people will use and more frequency will be available and more convenient for all of us. Hope one day it will be like bus service from Hong Kong Airport or Taipei Airport, is every 5 minutes. No waiting is necessary.

    Boon In

  5. Will this train always delay? I just worry I will miss my flight since I planned to take this train from Ipoh to KLsentral then to LCCT

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