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NOTE: For latest ETS timetable, read THIS POST.

Yup, I will be going to Kuala Lumpur again but because this will only be a day trip to visit MOFEW, Malaysia’s Online Fashion Entrepreneurs’ Weekend, because I am too cheap to pay premium for a hotel room in KL over the weekend, I decided to buy my KTM tickets early. Yes, I bought both ways so as not to have to pay MYR40 just to come home like what happened the previous trip.

Anyway, media gave conflicting reports on when the electric train services will begin; The Star said on Wednesday, 11th but Ipoh Echo said Thursday, 12th Aug, instead. I thought that I could go and get a refund on my tickets even though I would only be getting 50% of what I paid earlier and go to KL on KTM’s new electric train.

New ETS counter at Ipoh Railway Station

Unfortunately, the special ETS (Perkhidmatan Tren Elektrik) counter was closed when I arrived at KTM Station just now. I understand from the Station Master that a lot of Government staff went on a free ride to KL this morning. No wonder it was empty at the station.

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In any case, I managed to get hold of the schedule and fare, which I think a lot of people are interested to know. The promotional fare, which will last for 6 months, is MYR30 for an Ipoh – KL Sentral ride. From what I understand, children, senior citizens and the disabled will get to enjoy a 40% discount on fare. This type of transportation is great for tourists travelling around Malaysia from Ipoh to Seremban. From the train station, you can find taxis and shuttles that will take you to Kuala Lumpur cheap hotels and other destinations around the city.

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I just checked the website of ETS Electric Train Services http://www.ets-train.com.my/ and am disappointed to note that the fare is not posted online, though the complete route of ETS is.

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166 thoughts on “Electric Train Services (ETS) Ipoh – KL Sentral – Seremban

  1. I want to know how much fair to IPOH for children below 12 year’s from KL central to Ipoh?

  2. Hi,

    Although news reports say that children below 12 years old and senior citizens enjoy 40% discount, I understand that these discounted fares are only offered after the 6-month promotional period.

    In any case, you can call ETS ticketing counter to ask. The number to ETS HQ is 03-22723392.

  3. 1.If we had travelling luggage, i.e 3 large suitcases, is there a place to store them or do you just place them beside your seats ?

    2.Are the seats numbered or free seating ?

    3.Traveling from KL to Ipoh, if we boarded one of the transit trains, will 4 people be still able to sit closely together/seats numbered ?


  4. 1. I am not sure if there is a place to store luggage but I have seen passengers putting large backpacks over head and trolley bags in front of the coach.

    2. Coaches and seats are numbered.

    3. You can request to be seated together at the time of ticket purchase. Also, if you have travelling luggage, request to be seated in front of the coach so that you can keep an eye on your luggage.

    If you have further questions, I suggest that you inquire with ETS directly at +603-22723392.

  5. Is ETS available during weekend or it just like shuttle train which available monday to friday only..tq


  7. Thanks for all your information Emily,i got more from your blog than i did at the station yesterday!

  8. Can I break journey on transit train to Tg Malim ? ( Ipoh – kl sentral) eg – I drop down in Tg Malim at 12:24 and continue journey back on ETS at 19:39 to K.L ?

  9. Can anyone please tell me if it is better to buy tickets on the spot, or book tickets in advance? I suppose its better to book in advance during festive periods and public holidays. Thanks. Peter.

  10. Thanks, Emily. I intend to stay 2 days in Ipoh, then go to Penang. Is it possible or advisable to buy tickets on the spot? By the way is Putrajaya Bus Terminus open already, or I’ll have to Bukit Jalil? Thank you.

  11. Peter,

    Perhaps you could let me know the date and time you intend to leave Ipoh for Penang.

    In any case, you should buy in advance because train intervals are too far apart and if you miss your train, you’d have to take a taxi to the bus terminal. I heard the taxi fare is RM15, provided you could hail a taxi!

  12. Emily, between S’pore and Penang I feel the journey is too long. So I’ll take breaks in KL and Ipoh. I’ll probably travel quite early, around 7am to 8am to catch the ETS or the bus (not the KTM slow train though). Earlier I didn’t know that the Putrajaya was closed for renovations. It was supposed to opened by the end of 2010, now it seems that its going to be further delayed. That is why I choose the ETS instead. Taxi RM15 to Bukit Jalil or to Ipoh? I’ll take ETS again when I return to KL from Penang.
    Thank you.

  13. Peter,

    I’m not sure if you understood my first ever reply. There is no “fast train” to Penang. The fast train (ETS) only runs from Ipoh to Seremban. If you want to take the rail to Penang, your only option is the diesel-engine train that stops at Butterworth. You then have to take a bus, taxi or ferry to cross over to Penang Island. I believe that’s your destination.

    Putrajaya is not closed, Puduraya is. You can still take an express bus to Penang from Bukit Jalil temporary bus terminal. When you have arrived at KL Sentral, take the LRT to Bukit Jalil.

    RM15 taxi fare is from Ipoh railway station to Ipoh express bus terminal.

  14. Emily,
    so sorry for the misunderstanding. My typo error, I meant Puduraya, not Putrajaya. I do know that ETS is between KL and Ipoh. The rest of the journey I’ll take the express bus. From Butterworth jetty KTM station, I’ll take the ETS to KL. From KL Bt Jalil I’ll catch an express bus back to S’pore. I guess I’ll better book tickets in advance since its the year end holiday season, there will be a big rush to go home. I’ve been to Penang before some years back, traveling by slow coach KTM. Next time if I just go to Penang, I’ll probably fly.

  15. Emily,
    sorry for the error again. No ETS from Butterworth right? I meant to take the bus from Butterworth jetty to Ipoh, then take the ETS to KL Sentral.
    Thank you so much.

  16. On the back of my mind I must have been thinking, why not a dual-track fast train from Singapore all the way to to Penang, and on to Bangkok and Kunming in China? If I’m not wrong there is already a plan to do so. I hope I don’t have to wait too long for that to happen.

  17. LOL I was about to point out your error, don’t want you to be stranded in Butterworth!

    There is a fast train from Singapore in the works but I don’t know when it will launch.

    By the way, do you know that you could take the express coach from Singapore to Ipoh? There’s the airplane too. That is, if you have nothing specific to do in KL.

  18. Dear Emily,

    Indeed I have thought about flying to Ipoh direct with Firefly, and then fly back to Singapore from Penang with Air Asia. Express coach from S’pore to Ipoh is too long for me, about 71/2 hours. Then from Ipoh to Butterworth, another 2 hours. Then another hour to cross over to Penang. OMG LOL.

    Thank you.

  19. I thought you are breaking your journey in Ipoh. In any case, you know best how you should travel. Just remember to bring along your credit card. LOL

  20. It’s not just a break, but a convenient break anyway. I had intended to go to Ipoh and then to Taiping too, then on to Penang. I’ve never been to Ipoh, I missed going to Ipoh some years back while driving north from S’pore to Penang, and now I’m going to make up for it. I’ve frequently been to many places in the south, particularly in Johore and Malacca. I intend to go to most major towns in Malaya, including east coast and Kota Bahru some time in the future.

  21. That’s what I intend to do as well but I am a poor driver and to visit these towns, it’s not going to be convenient taking public transport.

  22. Why not. Just get your partner or friend(s) to go along. Being a lady, I guess it’s not so convenient or as safe as a guy going alone. I’m going with my wife and/or my son most of the time. All you need is doing some homework on the Internet, like what I’m doing now, and get some maps.

  23. dear emily,

    i would like to know tomorrow timetable KTM from KL Sentral to Tanjung Malim (date 26 January 2011)…


  24. Em: tested the ETS myself – cost me a ‘bomb’ actually to get 4 of us (2 adult and 2 children) from KL to Ipoh, plus the hassle to get someone to send us to KL Sentral from our residence in Subang and for my parents to fetch us at the Ipoh Station! Whereas for a RM102 (RM30 for adult, RM21 for children between 4-12, of course the ticket price is for the KL-Ipoh route), I can get to Ipoh via own car at the comfort of door to door! but of course the ride was fun and relaxing, it’s comfortable as well. I just wish it could be more economical, whereby they have to consider the post and pre-transportation issues..

  25. Maz!

    Thanks for leaving your feedback here.

    Yeah, it could be expensive travelling in a group. It would be even more expensive once this promo fare expires.

  26. Hi

    Been reading your site re Express train Ipoh – KL Sentral vice versa. Abit confusing train schedules. Are more then 2 sevices or more both ways. Plsse let me know. Like to leave KL in the afternoon n from Ipoh about the same time too.


  27. Looking at the third image in this post should give you a clear idea of departure times. And I also extracted the information in text.

    Anyway, for train departures in the afternoon, you have 2pm trains for both Ipoh to KL Sentral and KL Sentral to Ipoh.

    But don’t take my word for it. Best is to check it up with ETS yourself.

  28. Dear Emily, thank you for your prompt reply and the information.
    When we return from Malaysia I will keep you posted as to our experience with the ETS.
    Hope they don’t increase the fare, however compared to Australian costs it would still be fairly reasonable.
    Jeanette & I being Seniors might also receive a discount on whatever the new fare might be.
    Kind regards, Terry & Jeanette May

  29. Oh, I believe once this promotion ends, there will be discounts for seniors. There isn’t any right now.

    Enjoy yourselves and I look forward to hear from you again. Do be careful of the wet toilet floors of the electric train!

  30. how much is the ticket from KL- Seremban..?
    How many hours are the distance from KL to Seremban.?
    and where is the terminal in KL?sorry for many questions…tq

  31. i nk tau ada tak express tren dr kl sentral to ipoh..??and berapa harga ticket untuk seorg..??saya nak pergi ipoh pada 17april ni…what time..??

  32. Hi Emily, Do you know if the ETS rail link between KL and Ipoh has been cut at a bridge. I rang my nephew at about 1.20pm (Malaysia time) to-day 26/03/11 and he said that the flying bridge over the railway collapsed yesterday afternoon. Can you confirm this please.

  33. Hi,

    Sorry, I’m not in Ipoh so I can’t confirm that. There’s nothing in the news regarding this too. Why not get your nephew to call up the station to ask if there is any disruption in services?

  34. if i go to kl sentral by ets,cn i bring my pet also?or do u hve any cargo for pet

  35. Hi Emily. Jeanette & I arrived safe & sound in Ipoh. Already had our tickets for the Express KLIA to KL Sentral at $35 per head each way a bit hot. Arrived at KLIA 3.20am, & KL Sentral by 5.30am. Purchased ETS ticket at $30 per head each way to Ipoh. Could not buy return ticket for 09/05/2011, which suggests the prices could be going up after 31/03/2011. All together a most enjoyable trip & still cheap by Australian standards. Arrived Ipoh 8.30am. If by coach would have been much, much later. Regards Jeanette & Terry May.

  36. Hi Jeanette & Terry!

    I’m so glad to know that you arrived without incident! Enjoy your stay. If you need information on tourist attractions in Ipoh, check my blog.

  37. Hi Emily,if i buy tickets from ipoh to kl sentral but l’m only 15 and i am going with friends.Can it be possible?

  38. Thank’s very much Emily. By going tru your blog i have gain much more information about the ETS system and helps me more understand the system. Once again thank you. KC

  39. I am planning to visit Ipoh. Please advise any Ipoh local tour and day tour to Cameron Highland available for visitor to join upon arrived at Ipoh? If not, please advise how much taxis charges would be.

  40. i lost my shirt in ETS on the way back to kampar just now(5 april 2011 5.30pm)am i able to retrive it?is the HQ of ETS work 24 hours per day?

  41. Hi, Emily. I wanna ask how much is the ticket from Ipoh to KL Sentral and Ipoh to Seremban? I can’t contact ETS HQ because they never pick up. Hope you can reply me ASAP.

  42. There are other numbers to call besides HQ.

    Anyway, RM30 to KL Sentral and RM38 to Seremban from Ipoh.

    There’s only one train to Seremban daily at 2pm.

  43. Is the RM30 a fixed price or is just a promotion?
    I know there’s different numbers and they still never picked up as well.

  44. I just called the Ipoh office after your first comment and my call was answered.

    It’s promotional price of RM30, the same as when it was first launched. Ticket fare is RM30 until further notice.

  45. Thanks for the heads up. For some of the low fare routes, it’s more economical to take the LRT, though.

  46. Extra ticket bought KLS to IPOH 20/5/2011 18.55 RM25 Silver class. Whoever need the ticket, kindly email. Thanks.

  47. emily,,it is true the ETS counter at KTM station was closed..so sad..i want to buy it there..

  48. Hi Emily!

    May I know what is the fare for a journey to Ipoh from KL Sentral via ETS for an elderly woman above 60 years of age?

    What is the departure time in the morning of Sunday, 26th June 2011?

    Appreciate your earliest reponse. TQVM

  49. Hi,Emily can please you fill it up the information for me ? =D thanks
    Seremban to Ipoh
    Express services – Estimated travelling time: ( )
    1. ( )am
    2. ( )pm

    Transit services – Estimated travelling time: ( )
    1. ( )am
    2. ( )pm
    3. ( )pm

    Seremban to Ipoh
    Express services – Estimated travelling time: ( )
    1. ( )am
    2. ( )pm

    Transit services – Estimated travelling time: ( )
    1. ( )am
    2. ( )pm
    3. ( )pm

    What is the price for straight from seremban to ipoh ?
    ( )

  50. hi, i take the ticket last minutes.. i take the ticket 4 2 person… it is possible 4 me 2 sit wit my partner in train because we are different sit… cn i change with the person who sit beside in the train…is it possible… because i meet my partner after a long time…

  51. if u take train from Klsentral to ipoh,
    its easy to access to bus station to TAIPING

    your prompt reply will be much appreciated .

  52. I take it you are planning to travel from KL to Taiping.

    In Ipoh, go to Medan Kidd (within walking distance from Ipoh Railway Station).

    There are two buses to Taiping.

    One is pink colour Perak Transit internal bus that stops in Chemor, Kuala Kangsar then Taiping (town).

    The other bus is Ipoh – Taiping Express. This one stops at the Kamunting bus station.

    Please confirm information at the bus station.

  53. on 12 aug 2011 at night 9 plus, the train from KL to Ipoh was delay for more than 3 hours. i was really disappointed by your service. what kinda of service you providing? the customer service is really poor and let it be the last incident. i really don’t want to have this kinda of cheap service from your company or else i’ll bring the media as well to flash out this news. do improve your service and try to get to know what’s the meaning of passengers satisfaction.

  54. I’m a regular traveller on ETS, KL-Ipoh-KL every week. Morning service is fantastic, afternoon or evening service sucks big time. On several times, the train was delayed more than 3 hrs, always stop and stuck on the rail for more than 2 hrs, when they try to on and off the train (since its electric), it blows my computer power adaptor (twice).

    Changing train in the middle of the route is normal.

    The crews are “shiok sendiri” type, never really care about the passenger. Both in KL or Ipoh ticket counter. Do you hair or put a little make-up doesn’t make you a superstar. You duty is to serve and on service train like this, customers are always right.

  55. I went to the ETS Ticketing counter yesterday 20 Sept 2011 and there was a signage “System Down”. They will only sell tickets for current ETS Train Service. I dropped by again at 6.00pm and it was at the situation, later around 8.20pm again I walk into their counter and they event don’t entertain me and asked me just refer to the piece of paper which contain the message saying the system is down.
    Today 21st Sep 2011 at 7.00am I went again to their counter to buy my travelling ticket for tomorrow evening in advance; guess what! It’s the same old story. I asked them what takes them too long to fix the issue and the answer was unacceptable. They are waiting for their IT guy from KL to drop by at Ipoh to fix the issue…isn’t it sound silly. They are waiting for a technician from KL to come down to Ipoh for more than 24 Hours whereby their fastest train from KL Central to Ipoh will take only 2 Hours 16 Minutes.
    Is this what they call as upgraded Customer Service…..? I don’t think so…..

  56. Hi Emily,hw r u ther?plz let me knw what time the morning train frm ipoh to Kl sentral and hw much the ticket price…and oso train frm KL sentral to ipoh the aftrnoon trainwill move at what time and ticket price .thanks

  57. hi i have just read the news about the jobs as a stewerdess and cunter clerk..and i had give my application..it is in process..coz i realy hope it..thanks…

  58. is still available ticket from kl central to ipoh this tuesday 6/12/2011 in morning, if have can i book the ticket on line.


  59. Bukan saja kt Ipoh..kt KL Sentral mcm kura2…kaunter ada 4 tp selalu operate 2 je…xguna tren je laju tp staff attitude fail…kdg2 cecah 20min tggu nk beli tiket…terlepas tren pun ada…please upgrade your services….

  60. Any taxi available at Station Batu Gajah for both day and night time? How much the fee will be charged?

  61. Hi, Emily..
    Can u let me know.
    Can i purchase KL Sentral-KLIA ticket at ipoh railway station?
    Or i need 2 purchase it at KL Sentral railway station?

  62. Hi Emily..
    Can i know it what is the difference between KLIA Transit and KLIA Express?

  63. Hi Emily, can you please check for us why ETS stop the service from Ipoh to Seremban. Caused lots of inconvenience to the college students study in Nilai.

  64. hi… can i know where is the ETS counter located in KL Sentral? and what the time the counter will close?

  65. Why in KL sentral for advanced booking only until 1000pm…any reason for not allowed to buy after 1000pm….If i used scan image on smartphone or email attach for the tickets is acceptable during tickets checking…

  66. ETS from Ipoh to KL Sentral delay 40 minutes. How to Plan the journey with such kind of delays. They tell they on time every time . 40 minutes delay is a bad management.

  67. Tiya,

    If you are in KL, call 03-22723392. This is a toll-free number.

    I am currently in Ipoh and can’t get through.

  68. Hi! I wish to bring my pet back from kampar to kl central. Can I possibly do that since the train had clearly stated no pets allowed. I have only 2 mode of transport to head back kl… Taking the train will be more convenient compare to bus.

  69. I have to be in Port Dickson before 3pm on 1 Dec. If I use the ETS, is there a train from KL sentral to Seremban between noon to 2pm?

  70. Hi Emily,

    Planning for my 1st ETS ride from Ipoh to KL 🙂

    Would like to ask, which coach (A, B … F) and which seat number you prefer? Thanks for your kind advice 😀

  71. Hi BC,

    I don’t have preference. I travel alone, so any seat is fine.

    ETS is very popular, on certain days, the tickets are sold out.

  72. I would like to know whether monthly passes are available for ETS and if so how to apply

  73. Hi Emily,

    Chanced upon your very helpful and informative postings when I was trying to get images of seating in the ETS trains for Butterworth-KL Sentral – my intended travel next June!!

    I believe online booking of KTM’s ETS is available only one month ahead of travel.
    1. Is there only one class for the Butterworth-KL Sentral ETS – read only about the Gold Class from the official site?
    2.Are seats numbered at point of online purchase?

    Many thanks. Peter

  74. Hello Peter,

    1) I am not sure about online booking as I have never done so before. All my tickets were purchased at the counter.

    2) I believe there is only one class.

    3) Seats are numbered at the point of purchase. No free seating.

  75. I would like to cancel my ticket which I bought online because I canceled my trip. may I know how can I refund?

    ETS Travel date: 31 Dec

  76. Stated on the ETS website that ticket can be purchased online 1 month before departure date but I hv checked today, ticket still cannnot be purchased for 5 Feb 2016. Pls assist. Thanks.

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