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So my last-minute trip to Kuala Lumpur to attend “Women Netpreneur Conference 2010” saw me taking the electric train home to Ipoh from Stesen Sentral @ KL Sentral. If you have been following my blog, you would know that I took the electric train when it was newly launched in August, 2010, and I felt that because it was just the second day of launch then, things should have improved now, three months after, so a review is definitely in order.

ETS ticket counter

ETS ticket counter @ Stesen Sentral @ KL Sentral

I arrived at the ETS office early and waited for my train with a handful of folks. Maybe because it was Thursday, there weren’t many people compared to my first trip. This time, I could grab a seat in the office and didn’t have to sit on the floor outside of the office like I had to the first time.

waiting passengers

passengers waiting at ETS office

My train, an “express” service (not transit), was supposed to arrive at 6.48pm. We were ushered to the platform to wait for the train at about 6.40pm. At first, we were told to wait at Platform 2, but were subsequently told to cross over to Platform 1. We didn’t have chairs to sit on too but because there was no crowd, it wasn’t so bad. The train arrived at 7.05pm. It was late. This time, the train stopped at KL Old Station, Tanjung Malim, Kampar and Batu Gajah before reaching Ipoh. That’s four stations compared to three the previous trip where the train skipped KL Old Station.

empty coach

half-empty ETS coach


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