Women Netpreneur Conference 2010 (11th Nov 2010)

Women Netpreneur Conference
Women Netpreneur Conference 2010

Last week saw me making a trip to Kuala Lumpur for “Women Netpreneur Conference 2010”. It was totally unplanned but I have one of the most flexible schedules so I was able to register for the Conference when I received a last minute invitation from a friend who is on the organising committee of the Conference.

putting lipstick on technology
Gorgeous Geeks

The day-long Conference organised by Gorgeous Geeks and MSC Malaysia was held at Level 14, Manhattan 1 Ballroom, Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur. This was only one of the events organised in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week from 8th – 21st November, 2010. Technically, it is more than a WEEK.

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Having never attended any Women Netpreneur Conferences in the past, I was quite surprised with the scale of it. As I always strive to travel light, I left my blazer at home much to my regret, and felt more like an office girl at the conference rather than an “executive”. Not that I am one in the first place but clothes do maketh the person!


The Conference was a good opportunity to network and even though I had to leave early to catch my train home in the evening, I felt that I learned something from the few sessions of discussions that I attended. There were two panelists who really stood out to me: Ain Maisarah (Novel Remaja Teens Online) in “The Journey To Netpreneurship” and Shaharuddin Shaari (FB Niaga) in “Marketing Through Social Media”.

Manhattan 1 Ballroom
Manhattan 1 Ballroom

Ain Maisarah is a full-time novelist who targets Malay girls from the ages of 9 to 17. I like the fact that besides taking care of her business, she uses her resources to help cultivate writing skills in her young readers and help them become published authors themselves. Her youngest author is only 12 years old!

fellow participants

Shaharuddin Shaari of FB Niaga, on the other hand, shared with us his “secret” of using Facebook to sell his product, an e-book on the secrets of selling on Facebook. He is a very funny guy and my, does he have lots of Black Hat social media marketing tricks up his sleeve! But don’t tell anyone!

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All in all, even though I didn’t manage to attend all five sessions, I did have a very fruitful day. It was a day of sharing, a day of learning, a day of knowledge. I hope to have an opportunity to attend something as empowering again and I will remember my blazer!

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7 thoughts on “Women Netpreneur Conference 2010 (11th Nov 2010)

  1. hi emily,

    it is enlightening to learn from such seminar, dont you agree?

    may i know when is the next one as i aspire to attend?

    do you mind sharing your lecture notes with me?
    i dont mind paying you as you have invested in it.


  2. strange…. no handout?

    berjaya hotel is a posh hotel costing min rm 400 plus per nite vs ipoh casuarina rm 200 plus per nite only.

    it is pretty unbecoming to not to give handouts, let alone
    lecture notes.

    how much is the fees?

  3. As you can see from the photos, it was a huge event and it was held in the ballroom. The rates you gave are room rates.

    We didn’t have any “notes” but we were free to jot down whatever the panelists shared with us. I didn’t do that.

    The fees was RM150 per person. RM120 for Gorgeous Geeks members.

    I went at the invitation of a member of the organising committee.

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