Toyota Prius Full Hybrid Car (OTR MYR139,900)

Toyota road show

I bumped into a Toyota car show and demonstration a few days ago. I was late for the demonstration where Toyota showed how the world is flat to their new Hilux 3.0G but even though I was late, I could still watch a video of it, and the cars were still around. PHOTO TIME!!

Toyota Prius

I was particularly interested in the new third-generation full hybrid car from Toyota named Prius, which underwent a drastic price reduction thanks to the Government’s decision to extend tax incentives for hybrid vehicles until 31st December, 2011 as announced in Budget 2011 last month, saving new buyers of the car a hefty MYR35,000! The new on-the-road (OTR) price is MYR139,900; still not cheap, but a whole lot cheaper.

Toyota Prius back

I am not a technical person and can’t really tell the difference from one model to another, as evident in my post on Volkaswagen Polo 1.2 HO! HO! HO!, and I can’t drive very well too, by the way, but the one here is the third-generation 2ZR-FXE model with 1.8L engine. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I got the facts right. Obviously, I’ll leave the review to automobile experts.

Toyota Prius hybrid car

From what I read, the Toyota Prius is a fully-imported Made in Japan car and not locally assembled, hence some people say this price tag is really worth considering. Another good buy should be the Honda Civic Hybrid, with a smaller engine, and like the Toyota Prius, it’s also cheaper now, by MYR21,000 at an attractive OTR price of MYR108,980. So, who’s buying a green car?

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One thought on “Toyota Prius Full Hybrid Car (OTR MYR139,900)

  1. Hi Emily!

    These hybrid cars continue to improve in a number of ways technologically, and hopefully as they become more popular,will get much closer to the prices of normal cars.

    How and where you drive certainly makes a big difference as to whether a hybrid is a good choice. And there are 5 different kinds of hybrids, some of which do little more than stop the engine at rest and quickly restart it. (the Prius is one of the best)

    If you’re interested in more specific information, you may find this hybrid vehicle site interesting.


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