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Growing up reading Peanuts, you cannot imagine how excited I am when I found out that the Peanuts gang, particularly Charlie Brown and his pet beagle Snoopy, will be at Resorts World Genting this holiday season. The programme, Tour the World with Snoopy, sees the internationally-known beagle in 52 costumes from different countries. Part of ... continue reading »

What can I say about Pun Chun Restaurant except that it is best known for its signature duck noodles? Pun Chun is indeed a 'lo chew pai' (old trademark) and is also well known for their fragrant chicken biscuits. So, to write about them only today, are they my new discovery? Definitely not. In fact, during my ... continue reading »

Gepai Falls is also known as Lubuk Degong Waterfalls, or simply Bidor Waterfall. To go to Gepai Falls, from Bidor town head to Kampung Jalan Paku (also known as Jalan Paku Bidor). You may get confused about which road to take when you are coming from town. There is a Y junction. One road is to Kampung ... continue reading »

During our Southern Perak excursion last Sunday, we took a detour to Kampung Baru Coldstream, a new village about 15km south of Bidor town, off Bidor - Teluk Intan federal road. Coldstream New Village, about 80km from Ipoh, has a very catchy name. Many people mistook the new village to be named after the cool water ... continue reading »

My trip to Kuala Woh Recreational Forest (Hutan Lipur Kuala Woh) is a continuation of my long standing list of waterfalls and natural recreational parks in Perak to visit. To give you a rough idea of its location, the park is along Jalan Pahang, that stretches from Tapah to Ringlet, Cameron Highlands. Turn right when you ... continue reading »

Rushing home to Ipoh under gloomy skies after a long road trip, we made time to stop by the paddy fields of Chui Chak, opposite the new village, to take some photos. A young family also had the same idea. It had been a rather dreary day due to persistent drizzle, but the golden colour brightened ... continue reading »

Emily2u.com was conferred the Perak Tourism Awards 2017 in Social Media during a gala dinner on 31st October, 2017 at Kinta Riverfront Hotel, Ipoh. This blog, which was established out of passion to write, share and promote the home state of Perak, recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, with just under 3,000 posts to date. With the tagline, ... continue reading »

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