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A Blog That’s Not A Blog

During my visit to Kuala Lumpur, when a friend asked, in Cantonese, if I have been to “The River of Gold” yet, I had to pause for a second. I do know the Cantonese name of Sungei Wang Plaza but I just always associate the name with a coffee shop in Ipoh. Anyway, as someone who suffers from Mall-itis, Sungei Wang Plaza was of course one of the malls that I just had to visit.

The River of Gold

I had been to Sungei Wang Plaza before but that was a long time ago when I was a kid. I do remember that it didn’t look like how it is today and the most significant memory of Sungei Wang Plaza I have from my visit many years ago was that I entered the Gents by accident but believe me, I didn’t see “anything”!

cool blog logo

When I was in Sungei Wang in late March, I noticed this drinks stall, “Cool Blog”. As a blogger, I found it extremely amusing. To me, a blog has only one meaning but as you can see from the banner, they are selling Chocolate Blog and Bandung Blog. I didn’t try any “blog” but it looks like it’s prepared from shaved ice. Cool!

cool blog drinks

The funny thing was that after visiting Sungei Wang, coming across Cool Blog and also hopping over to Lowyat Plaza for a short visit (or was it the other way round?), that night, I forgot if Cool Blog was in Sungei Wang or Lowyat Plaza and had to get my friend to refresh my memory. I guess my whirlwind trip has just overloaded my brains!
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