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For the longest time, I had scoffed at the benefits of bird's nest. Many people say how effective it is and how it can make women beautiful. I did not believe them. Well, that was until one day, I desperately looked for a cure for my poor complexion, a result of travel stress, being out ... continue reading »

Did you know that Canton-i is the sister restaurant of Dragon-i? I am unsure which chain is more popular but personally, Dragon-i is more accessible to me because they have an outlet at AEON Ipoh Station 18, which makes it more convenient for me to dine in. So, you can imagine my delight when I had ... continue reading »

I have known about BMS Organics for years as they have two outlets in Ipoh - one in Ipoh Garden South and another in Taman Sri Ampang. Somehow, I have turned my nose up on them all this while, possibly because they have the word "organic" in their name, so that did not appeal to me. Well, ... continue reading »

When I book my hotel room, I usually do not want to pay for breakfast. This is because I would like to take the opportunity to explore other food options nearby. When I was in Resorts World Genting recently, I discovered The Food Factory. No doubt, this is not a new dining outlet. In fact, I ... continue reading »

When I informed my friend that I'm making a trip to Resorts World Genting, he exclaimed, "What? Again?" Indeed, again! Why? There are just so many things to see and do at Resorts World Genting (RWG), a visitor can never get bored. To me, RWG is like a mega fairyland that one can leave all stress ... continue reading »

2018 FIFA World Cup Fever @ Resorts World Genting

Mar 16, 2018 Author: Emily | Filed under: Events, Sports

It's football fever up on the mountains with the launch of Genting Football Fever 2018 yesterday. As the days draw closer to FIFA World Cup scheduled to kick off on 14th June in Russia, guests of Resorts World Genting are encouraged to don the football jersey of their favourite team and slip on those imaginary ... continue reading »

That's 'Hello' in Korean to the Samyeang Superstars, newly introduced by Domino's Pizza! Inspired by Hallyu (Korean Wave), the Samyeang Superstars feature three varieties of pizzas: Samyeang Beef, Samyeang Chicken and Samyeang Tuna. Joining them on stage is the "Ayam-Haseyo Chicken Wings". Kpop has indeed taken Domino's Pizza by storm with this boy band and a ... continue reading »

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