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Dressed in resplendent traditional Indian costumes, students of Creative Latin Dance Academy (CLDA) put up an impressive Bollywood-style stage dance performance to entertain family and close friends in conjunction with Deepavali, the Festival of Lights. The Deepavali party, presented by Ipoh-based CLDA, was well supported by parents of the students and guests, who came dressed to ... continue reading »

The Auspicious Eighth Month

Oct 20, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Shopping

Boy, am I glad that the eighth month, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, is over and we have entered the ninth month today. Although it was supposed to be an unfavourable month for me, it wasn't all that bad, thank God. Still, it didn't hurt for me to lie low. While the Rooster month may ... continue reading »

Media Trip to Kuala Razila Adventure & Resort, Gopeng

Oct 19, 2017 Author: Emily | Filed under: Sports

You may remember me writing about my adventure in Gopeng last year. Yes, Perak is huge and offers tourists many different vacations. Those who love nature adventures usually head to Gopeng. Well, Gopeng now has another provider of adventure holidays: Razila Adventure & Resort. Also known as Kuala Razila Adventure Resort Riverside, it is located in ... continue reading »

It's pretty uncommon that I would attend a beauty workshop but when the opportunity was presented to me, I grabbed it. After all, this was organised for the first time in Ipoh by WEVents, and supported by The Face Shop. WEVents is a non-profit setup that runs social and fun events on grooming for working women ... continue reading »

Ipoh's bean sprouts chicken is second to none, and no one can deny that. However, is there a best of the best? How about this presentation at The Haven Resort Hotel Ipoh All Suites where the breed of the chicken is 'regal'? This offering is one of my favourites whenever I dine at The Haven's ... continue reading »

The Ipoh Walk Night Bazaar, slated to be Malaysia's largest night market, is Ipoh's latest attraction. Launched in mid-September, it will only fully open for business, with all the stall lots occupied, come November. Meanwhile, there are short-term bazaars hosted within the grounds, such as the 10-day Pesta Orkid & Flora and 3-day 台湾夜市美食展. Although the night ... continue reading »

In today's post, I am sharing plenty of food photos that I took at the 台湾夜市美食展 (Taiwan Night Food Fair), a 4-day feature at Ipoh's latest attraction, Ipoh Walk Night Market. Despite the name of the fair which says "Taiwan", this is actually a culinary bazaar that offers a multitude of street meals, snacks and beverages ... continue reading »

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