Voting Guidelines & Procedures In Malaysian General Election 2013

Polling Day has been set for 5th of May, 2013. Irrespective of which side of the political divide you are casting your vote for, the following are rules and procedures as set by the Election Commission of Malaysia.

Malaysian General Elections

Qualifications to be a registered voter (fulfil all conditions below):
1) Malaysian citizen
2) At least 21 years of age
3) Resident in a constituency according to your address stated in your MyKad
4) Not a disqualified person under the law

How to check your voter registration status:
The following channels are available for you to check your status in the Electoral Roll:

1) Election Commission website:
2) Call EC headquarters at 03-8885 6565
3) Visit your respective State Election Office
4) Send a text message to 15888: SPRSEMAKMyKad number
5) At counters provided by EC
6) Check at Polling Centre on Polling Day

Voting Procedure:
1. Arrive early at the Polling Centre and bring along any of these official documents:

a) MyKad
b) Malaysian Passport
c) receipt for a Temporary Identification Card with photograph (JPN 1/9)
d) receipt of report for Loss of Identification Card with photograph (JPN 1/11) certified by the National Registration Department
e) Driving Licence with photograph
f) Authority Card with photograph issued by a government department

2. Show your identification document to the Electoral Roll Checking Card at the EC Booth at Polling Centre.

3. Get the Stream Number Slip for the Polling Station at the EC Booth and go to the specified Polling Station (Stream) to cast your vote.

4. At the Polling Station (Stream), wait in the queue for your turn to enter the Polling Station to cast your vote.

5. Go to the first Polling Clerk (PC1) and show your Polling Station Slip and your identification document.

6. Show your left index finger for indelible ink inspection by the Polling Clerk.

7. After checking your identification document and thereby confirming that there is no mark of indelible ink on your left index finger, proceed to the second Polling Clerk (PC2) to have your left index finger marked with indelible ink.

8. Then proceed to third Polling Clerk (PC3), who will hand your two ballot papers: one for Parliamentary Seat and the other for State Seat.

9. With the ballot papers, proceed to the voting booth to cast your vote with an X next to the candidates’ name and the party logo or symbol.

10. After that, fold the ballot paper twice and drop the papers into their respective Parliament and State Assembly boxes.

11. Voters/Electors who are physically handicapped or visually impaired are allowed to be accompanied by one entrusted person (Malaysian citizen above 21 years old), who may cast the ballot on behalf of the elector.

12. After casting your ballot, proceed to the exit door of the Polling Station.

Voters at the Polling Centre or in Polling Station are prohibited to do the following:

1) wearing shirts or clothes or bring in items which have picture of candidate or prints of party logo
2) talking or behaving noisily while inside the Polling Centre or Polling Station
3) taking too much time to cash a ballot
4) intentionally spoiling the ballot paper
5) taking photograph of your ballot after casting your vote (social media addicts take note!)
6) taking out the ballot paper from the Polling Station
7) campaigning or canvassing for votes inside the Polling Centre
8) wandering around inside the Polling Centre after casting your vote
9) disregarding or ignoring instructions by EC officials / staff or engage in action that may cause disorder or tension inside the Polling Centre

Vote wisely. Your vote determines the future of the nation. Every vote counts.

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  1. We have a moral and social responsibility to vote the government we want for ourselves and future generations. So, now, this is our opportunity.

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