My Polling Station

I went to cast my vote on 8th March for GE2008 at about 3pm under gloomy skies. My right to vote as a Malaysian citizen is very important to me and I would have gone even if it snowed.

I took this photo of my polling station, which was coincidentally my primary school where I studied for six years. This is the second time that I voted here. In fact, the classroom that I went to was my Standard 6B classroom. The classroom seemed smaller than I remembered when I was a pupil. Heck, the whole school seemed smaller. Perhaps I was smaller in size back then.

Just for the record, Lim Kit Siang has successfully retained his Parliamentary Seat (Ipoh Timur) while a leng chai by the name of Wong Kah Woh of DAP managed to wrest the Canning State Seat from Gerakan. Congratulations!
With love

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