Four months after the Ipoh Airport was declared “completed on schedule”, I visited, not so much to check out the new terminal, but to see if there are any updates on flight services. Disappointingly, everything is the same as from my previous visit, more than a year ago. Firefly is still the only airline company available to us here, servicing the Ipoh – Singapore route twice daily.

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Ipoh

Ipoh Airport

However, someone at the airport told me that the new budget airlines, Malindo Air, is expected to come in, though nothing is set in stone.

The airport terminal may have been declared completed, and the runway extended by 200 metres, but it is still very much a work in progress. For example, the telephone booths and WiFi connections are still waiting to be installed. Also, somehow, I feel that the waiting area is a bit dark and gloomy, even though it was broad daylight outside.

Sultan Azlan Shah Airport Ipoh

waiting area

Other important points to note to ensure that the airport is friendlier to users are to place more signboards indicating the direction to the airport. As it is, drivers heading to the airport are sometimes going around in circles because of confusing junctions without appropriate signboards in ENGLISH. If we wish to strive for international standards, we cannot expect everyone to understand Bahasa Malaysia.

For flight information to and from Singapore, do refer to my earlier post: Fly Ipoh – Singapore

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