What do you do when you are housebound for more than a month to take care of an invalid pet 24/7, unable to go out to shoot photographs or videos to update your photo vlog, and even if you have something interesting to show, you are unable to sit at the computer long enough and put your thoughts together long enough to string two sentences together? You play online games, of course! At least that’s what I am doing!

Although I have many games installed on my Facebook profile, I am only playing three actively at the moment and they are Pet Society, Restaurant City and Mafia Wars.

I started playing Pet Society for a few months already, actually, but have been too busy with Snoopy lately that I have even forgotten to log in to claim my daily lottery bonus. I am already at Level 39 and have bagged all trophies except for the newly added Gold Gardening Trophy where we have to harvest at least 500 plants. I understand that the maximum level we could achieve is 47. Like I said, progress has been slow lately for me since I would only play this resource hungry game on my laptop and since I haven’t been able to work, my laptop has been on sabbatical as well.

The second Facebook game that I am playing is Restaurant City, which is also developed by Playfish, the developer of Pet Society. Restaurant City is still in beta and I always have problems loading the game. Even then, it crashes my browser way often than I like. Anyway, I run the game all the time when I am able to and after more than two months, not only have I reached the maximum level of 27, I collected more than a million Gourmet Points. The only thing that keeps me playing the game is that I am trying to “cook” twenty Level 10 Royal dishes. I only have four in the bag now and still a long way to quitting the game.

Mafia Wars is a game that I just started playing on Facebook a couple of days ago. I actually installed it eons ago because of friends’ requests. I didn’t start playing until recently when I couldn’t load the other two games. After 2.5 days, I am already at Level 22. If you know me, you’d know I have this obsessive streak. LOL I also keep the game running whenever my computer is connected to the internet, which is like ALL THE TIME. But then we’d also have to wait for our Energy to be refilled. No, I will not pay for my Energy packs!

Being a Mogul, I keep getting attacked and robbed but then it’s just game money. Never mind, I have more than a million in the bank. If only that’s real life cash!

If these three games still are not able to help me de-stress, perhaps I should start playing Fashion Wars, Barn Buddy, Farm Town and the other 101 Facebook games that I have installed.
With love

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