Free Crystal ~ w00t!

If you have spoken to me lately, you would know that I haven’t stepped out of my house except to the vet’s since 19th May, 2009 and you would know why as well. Still this didn’t stop me from getting something as beautiful as this crystal “pendant” in the mail this morning. Click on images to enlarge.

Thanks to all the time spent playing Facebook games (Pet Society, Restaurant City and Mafia Wars), I spotted an advertisement by eWorld Gift offering 1000 free pendants as a form of promotion.

So of course the freebie lover me requested for one. I registered with eWorld Gift at their online store on Sunday, received notice that the item has been sent out on Monday and received it on Wednesday morning, today.

If you fancy a freebie, hop over to and hope that the promotion is still ongoing. After all, there are only a thousand pieces to give away in total. Oh yes, did I mention that everything is FREE, including postage by Registered Mail?
With love

3 thoughts on “Free Crystal ~ w00t!

  1. Hope you like the Amethyst, Citrine & Rose Quartz Gemstone in Bottle Pendant.

    Thanks you for publishing at your blog, we really appreciated.

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