Watsons VIP Membership Card

Oh yes, there is no denying that I spend a lot of time on Facebook. I have installed tens of games and play more than a handful on a daily basis, much to my own chagrin! Though I know that I am addicted to Facebook games, I can’t seem to get away from the social network website.

VIP card
Watson’s VIP membership card

But then all is not for naught when I have stuff to show for all the time I spend on Facebook. Remember the two crystals that I received? Yesterday, I received a Watson’s VIP membership card, a new loyalty card from Watson’s which was given away to some lucky people through their recent weekly Facebook promotion.

What we had to do was to write a short essay on how Watson’s is useful to us. I wrote about an episode where Watson’s came in handy when I was shopping at Sungei Wang Plaza in Kuala Lumpur earlier this year. It was a true incident so writing the essay was effortless. And as you can see, I am one of the lucky winners of the Watson’s VIP membership card!

Watson’s Passport

Normally, shoppers at Watson’s would have to pay a one-time membership fee of MYR12 for the card. I know it’s a small amount but if you are a contest lover like me, you never look at the value of the prizes but take pride in your winning effort.

Oh yes, besides getting my membership card, the membership pack also comes with SIXTY discount vouchers of various beauty and personal care products that are sold at Watson’s. Imagine, SIXTY worth MYR200 in total! I haven’t even finished looking at them but I trust there surely will be something that I could use. Shop, shop, shop!

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