OMG! Last night, I had some free time on my hands so after playing a few rounds of computer games, decided to work on this blog. If I had remembered earlier about my blog I would not have played games. I swear! 😀

Anyway, I already downloaded so many themes on my computer so the only thing to do was to upload them to my server, though I still do not know where to place those dang images that come with the themes. Bah!

I fired up FileZilla, keyed in my site, user ID and password but the thing could not be connected saying that my password is wrong. Shit!

My webhost gave me a User ID and password and I got that changed so now I can’t even refer to his email. Aihhh..I don’t know how! So now, I can’t even change my theme. And I dare not clear my computer cache in case I can’t even log into the WP admin of my blog. I remember vaguely that the passwords for my WP admin and my Control Panel are different and that means that I have TWO passwords to remember.

Ahhh I wonder if there is a way for me to somehow reset my password. If all else fail, I would have to mail my webhost. Life’s shitty, really!
With love

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