Email Exposed

I went to SenQ in Ipoh Parade a few evenings ago to check out digital video cameras. You know, I’m dissatisfied with the videos that I took with my friend’s Olympus SP-550UZ camera. The videos look fine on my computer but awful when uploaded to YouTube, so much so that I am ashamed to embed them on my blog.

My friend says that they are OK on his screen and that YouTube will reduce the quality of videos if our internet connection is slower. Well, he’s using a 4Mb connection while mine is only 1Mb. Dang… when will my area be able to support 4Mb? I’m DYING here, man!

I have no way to check if my videos are really OK and if the problem is really with the speed of my internet connection but eh, a new digital video camera sure sounds good. LOL

So, I went to SenQ and they have a few computer notebooks on display and guess what? Someone had his Hotmail account logged in and left it as is. I took a shot of it and logged out of his account.

I actually thought long and hard if I should even post this photo on my blog but after much thought and scrutiny, I think this photo is too blur for us to make out the text. And dammit, I ran out of photos to make a post and it has already been ten days since my last post!

I do have a lot more Christmas-themed photos which I was too lazy to do anything with last Christmas. I think I’ll be keeping them for Christmas 2009! LOL
With love

7 thoughts on “Email Exposed

  1. To my knowledge, YouTube doesnt degrade video quality based on the uploading connection speed. Quality of the uploaded video is very much dependent on the quality/details of the video source, in addition to YouTube standard encoding applied.

    However, it does give viewer a lower viewing quality, if the connection speed is slower. You might want to check out this article for further details and some useful tips.

    Tien Soon´s last blog post…Exporting and Importing WordPress Posts is Easy, with WordPress 2.7

  2. Hi Tien Soon,

    Sorry I haven’t been clearer. I meant exactly what you said, that the quality was lowered when playing the video on YouTube.

    Thanks for the article on YouTube hack. I’ll give the tips a try.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Didn’t expose. I didn’t even open his email. In fact, I could even send out email from his account. Luckily I didn’t. LOL Poor guy.

  4. hey, happy 2009!! sorry a bit late ah.. heh..

    hey, i jz saw yr FB profile in yr blog.. just added u 😉

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