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Chance To Make Money Inside

I was in another part of town just now and spotted this notice sticking on the glass door panel of a shop. It screams of a chance to make money inside and of course that took my attention. In small print at the top, it also says, “Everydays every customer come 1st top up $50 free $10”.

make money

It looks like one could make money by playing 9 Dragon, 888, 232 and other net games. Now, I would say that I am quite net savvy and also play a lot of games online but have never heard of such internet games like 888 and 232 before. Me thinks this is one of those cyber cafe-like gambling dens that we read so much about in the papers.

I thought this is illegal but this shop operated so openly. Anyway, it’s a moot point since the shop is vacant now. It looks like they have folded. Or maybe they’ve just moved somewhere else.

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