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I have always been fascinated with crystals but did not feel comfortable buying a crystal at any crystal shop since I would never know if the said crystal would be compatible with me. Whether one believes it or not, crystals have properties that could enhance the wearer. With so many types of crystals, how would one know which one would be good for us?

My friend, Ket, a practitioner of crystal matching, aura enhancement and chakra healing, will be holding a workshop in the capital city, Kuala Lumpur, this Saturday, 30th October, 2010. He was kind enough to give me a preview of what he will be doing at the Workshop.

crystal matching, aura enhancement and chakra healing
crystal matching in progress

By the way, if you have read my blog earlier, you would remember that I received two freebie crystals from E-World Gift Dot Com Sdn. Bhd. last year. Although I have kept them in my drawer all these while, I have always wondered if they are compatible with me. So armed with these two crystals, I set out to seek the truth.

Ket came with his two dowsing rods and using them, he was able to determine my energy level. According to him, my energy level that day was at about 60%, which was slightly higher than the average person. When he found out that I was actually carrying TWO mobile phones, he asked me to put them aside (at least two metres away from my individual energy field) and retook a new reading of my energy level, which was closer to 90%. That’s considered VERY HIGH since I wasn’t wearing any energy enhancement matters, like crystals, yet. A good explanation for this is that the day was a very good day for me, astrologically.

Using the dowsing rods, Ket was able to determine the compatibility of the crystals with my own aura. According to him, holding the crystals on different hands, or even wearing them at specific parts of the body, could emit a different energy level. I did this test with both crystals, holding one on my left hand first, and then my right hand.

In my case, wearing the amethyst crystal enhances my energy level to up to 80%. However, since I always carry two phones, the positive effect is not noticeable since it has balanced off the negative energy that emits from my phones. By the way, even watches emit negative energy, though only slightly.

Now, I am sure a lot of you would be asking why someone would want to enhance his or her aura or chakra and why does one need a higher energy level. We cannot see our aura with the naked eye, so how do we know if it’s weak or strong? What are chakras? Where, in our body, are they? Are they functioning well or even functioning at all? How can crystals help and if they do, what kinds of crystals help? What are the crystals that are beneficial to us? Will the same crystal bring the same benefits to different individuals? If a certain crystal maximises our energy, how shall we wear it? Or shall we just place it in our office, bedroom or even on our bed?

I am not able to answer any of these questions but Ket will be able to prove it with his dowsing rods so you can see the effect with your own eyes. For only RM30, you can have up to five crystals matched, and if you don’t own anything that is compatible with you, Ket should be able to find one that is.

Video (below): Ket demonstrates how crystals are matched

For more information and details on this workshop entitled “Crystal
Matching & Basic Aura, Chakras & Feng Shui with Ket”, visit: Lightworks.

To sign up for the workshop, and you have to do so fast because of limited seats, click THIS LINK. You can also find the location map here.

To read the background of Ket, you can visit him at his website:
Stones n’ Chakras.

Event: Crystal Matching & Basic Aura, Chakras & Feng Shui with Ket
Venue: 19, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, 50200 Kuala Lumpur.
Time: 11am to 12.30pm
Contact number (Lightworks): +603-21432966/77
Email: contact@lightworks.com.my
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