[Video] Beauty & the Hisss Exhibition (Pameran Gadis & Ular)

snake exhibition
Beauty & the Hisss Exhibition

So I made my way to the Darul Ridzuan Museum along Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab in Ipoh a couple of weeks ago to get up close and personal with the snake girl, whose real name is Noo Azahariah.

gadis ular
gadis ular

Although a visit to the Darul Ridzuan Museum is normally free, because of the snake exhibition, visitors have to pay MYR4 (adults) and MYR2 for students and senior citizens. The physically and mentally-challenged are admitted free. Camera is an additional MYR3.

snake exhibition entrance fee
Beauty & the Hisss Exhibition entrance fee

I have no love lost for snakes but I thought it interesting to see the girl “living” in a room with hundreds of snakes. Apparently, some of them are venomous. This “stunt” is part of her preparation to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

snake girl
snake girl on a break

There was a notice by the door that the snake girl will not be performing a “show” so if you thought you could see something ala Rose Chan, sorry lah. All you’ll see is the snake girl getting online on her laptop and the occasional teasing of the snakes, when she feels like it. The snakes looked pretty well-fed and lazy, though, so there wouldn’t be much action.

Video (below): Two snake charmers doing their magic

video shot with iPhone

The afternoon I was there, she took a break and was out of her room from 3pm onwards. So if you are planning to watch the snake girl, she will be there until 18th November, I hope you will be able to catch her IN her room. I have no idea how long her break lasted, though. Meanwhile, there was a snake show by two guys to keep the crowd psyched.

Video (below): Noo Azahariah in action

video shot with Olympus SP-550UZ

I took the opportunity to shoot a video of the snake girl in action. Too bad you wouldn’t be getting a dose of the smell with hundreds of snakes in one room! Enjoy!

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