[Video] Acrobatic Dance & Singing Group Performance @ Ipoh Parade

After staking out in Kinta City for the past few evenings shooting photos and videos of the acrobatic performances and waited in vain for some other events which were scheduled but didn’t happen, I finally made my way to Ipoh Parade last evening.

celebrating CNY

The event highlight listed was “Acrobatic Dance & Singing Group Performance.” It was supposed to start at 8pm but I guess there was something wrong with the audio system and there was a delay of 20 minutes.

Chinese New Year show
acrobatic performance in Ipoh

Anyway, this acrobatic dance and singing group comprises two guys and a gal. I have no idea if they were local folks or “imported”. They spoke in Mandarin throughout the show and as a banana and not proud of it, I had a difficult time following their chatter. I was there for the action, anyway.

Video (below): Chinese song & dance performance 1

The show lasted for about 40 minutes but there actually was too much down time. The music didn’t start and they had to cover up with senseless banter. Anyway, I still managed to shoot three videos, not of the best quality but passable.

Video (below): Chinese song & dance performance 2

This third video took YouTube the longest time to process. I had to delete it and reupload and finally managed to broadcast it live.

Video (below): Dance performance

In any case, if you know Chinese, you’d probably enjoy this acrobatic dance and singing group performance more than I did.

Ipoh Parade

With love

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