Master Lee Acrobatic Performance @ Ipoh Parade

I purposely made my way to Ipoh Parade last evening earlier than I normally would because I understood that someone by the name of “Master Lee” would be holding an acrobatic performance at 8pm. Turns out that the show was postponed to 8.30pm.

Video (below): Master Lee pole playing

I have not heard of Master Lee (hence I did not get his full name) prior to his show in Ipoh Parade last evening in conjunction with Chap Goh Meh, the last day of Chinese New Year, let alone seen him on TV before, though the emcee did not fail to mention a few times that Master Lee is a homegrown talent (Made in Malaysia) and that his live performance is more interesting than on TV and that he has represented Malaysia in international events on numerous occasions.

Video (below): Master Lee & the sugar cane

It was quite an entertaining performance even though it’s not “acrobatic” in the true sense of the word. However, I felt that Master Lee’s fumbling with his porcelain jar could be minimized if he had made it his first act before he sweats so much which made the jar slippery and he failed to balance it on his forehead even after a couple of attempts.

Quite a few people were skeptical with his block playing act saying that they are magnetic but after calling an audience from the floor to try his hand “playing” with the blocks in a similar way, the crowd was won over.

All in all, I felt that his overall performance could be improved if he had a younger and more appealing female assistant to help him on stage instead of getting someone older in off stage clothes and a guy to boot! I don’t mean any harm but just felt that it would enhance his overall performance.
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