[Video] Beautiful Chinese Lady Contortionist

I went to Kinta City last evening to catch the CNY Acrobatic Performance at 8pm even though I thought that it would be the same ol’ performances by the same acrobatic troupe from China. I have watched them a couple of times already but I didn’t have a choice since as far as I know, Ipoh Parade does not have any shows lined up yet until 31st January, 2009.

contortionist in the act

I went and am glad that I did. Here is a video of a very beautiful Chinese lady contortionist who looks like TVB actress, Gigi Lai (Gem of Life).

Her performance was flawlessly awesome. God only knows how much pain she went through when she was a kid training to be a contortionist. How the heck she does it, only contortionists will know. She looks like she is totally boneless, like a snake.

Video (below): Beautiful Chinese lady contortionist [acrobatic performance]

I know that many of us have watched something similar on TV already, especially on Chinese cultural programmes that are always shown on China’s CCTV on Astro. Still, watching it live is another experience altogether.
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