Beijing Acrobatic Performance

Beijing acrobatic performance
1. contortions

When one visits Beijing, there are a couple of shows that a visitor must watch. Besides a Shaolin kungfu performance, the other is an acrobatic display.

Beijing acrobatic performance
2. balancing act

Beijing acrobatic performance
3. pot play

As you know, the Chinese are amazing when it comes to acrobatics. However, although it was my first trip to China, I am no stranger to Chinese acrobatic shows.

Beijing acrobatic performance
4. suspended wheels

Beijing acrobatic performance
5. bike stun

And so, it was not as enthralling for me as it was for first-timers. Nonetheless, there were two acts that impressed me. One was the two-wheel suspension and the other, the scrambler bike stun.

Watch part of the performance in these three videos below:

Video playlist of the acrobatic performance in Beijing, China

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  1. China really famous with acrobat and they really to do some stunt. i really impress with their capability.

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