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Switchhhh To Exabytes Better Hosting Solutions

Not too long ago, I provided hosting for a friend. I gave him a sub-domain and shared my hosting package with him. Well, he was a student then and even though hosting isn’t expensive, he could not afford it and did not want to ask his parents to fund his blogging activities. Now that he is employed and earns enough, he plans to host his own blog, with his own top level domain. I fully encourage him to do so as there would be many more opportunities open for a self-hosted blog with a TLD.

Coincidentally, Exabytes has just launched a neat Exabytes Swithchhhh Program which makes switching webhosts a breeze. The good news is that this holiday season, Exabytes is running an offer which could save you RM70 per year in hosting fees.

From experience, Exabytes is a company that has a strong customer support service. There have been times when my support tickets were replied to even after office hours. In a day or two, I hope to write a separate post on the surprise year end gift that I received from them in the mail recently.

Anyway, if you plan to switch your web hosting to Exabytes, do it quick. Their EBiz Plus Web Hosting which is most suitable for bloggers like us, is only RM199 per year and is large enough for you to host your blog, personal website, photo gallery and also act as your private online storage.

In addition, as a new Exabytes Switchhhh client, you will be in the drawing for one of the fifty monthly prizes worth a total of RM30,000. Prizes include a HP Mini Note (I want!!), HP Officejet, Logitech EX90 Wireless keyboard and many more useful devices.

So, don’t wait. Check out Exabytes Swithchhhh Program now and if you have any doubts, ask. Just drop Exabytes an email or utilize the live chat feature on their website.

Happy blogging!
With love

2 thoughts on “Switchhhh To Exabytes Better Hosting Solutions

  1. Hi Jason,

    I just visited your blog; for that purpose, Blogger would serve you well. Don’t have to spend money unnecessarily. 🙂

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