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Keeping It 50:50

Oh my goodness, I have been writing so many blog posts for the past couple of days that my hands feel like falling off. I know I am supposed to keep things light-hearted here but I am tired and I can’t think straight and the night is still young! *horrors*

Ah … you should see the veins that have popped up at the back of my hands, no thanks to the abuse I subject them to daily pounding on the keyboard at a fast pace at work and blogging and trying my best to keep my blog with a 50:50 ratio of sponsored and non-sponsored content. Wonder what is the outcome about contextual links. Hope there is some leeway for that!

With so many posts to write, and these aren’t even sponsored posts, that practically leaves me absolutely NO time to get this blog up. I need to start with the theme but never mind, blog first, talk later!

The good news is that emily2u is already on the first page of Google so it is not banned! Yay! And I haven’t even done a sitemap for it or any networking at all. I hope the Google Gods would be kind to me this time!
With love

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