Wah… what is that number? Is it the total in my bank account? Yayaya I wish! That is actually my Alexa score. EEEkkkkkk That is so depressing! I wonder how I can bring that figure down and down fast!

You know, this isn’t my first domain name but I wonder how I managed to bring down the Alexa scores of the other domains. Perhaps I did not feel the pressure when I was unaware of how high they were and now that I know the score for this, I am obsessed in bringing it down now Haihhh

I did not blog here yesterday. Since the day this blog has been set up, I have only skipped blogging daily twice. Let’s see if I will “cuti” more in the coming days hahahah! I know I probably should blog more frequently here to build traffic but I also should spend some time and make more effort in setting up blog to look more respectable (i.e. change the layout) and network more but I am so lazyyyyy and get distracted easily *rolleyes*
With love

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