I chanced upon this great article, titled 25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making $100+ A Month in 30 Days, this morning. See, I am so damn free now I even have time to research on blogging. After reading the article though, I realised that I have done most the 25 points as advised by Upstart Blogger except for networking. I know, I know I need to network! BADLY!

The thing is, I am trying not to place advertisements in any form on my blog. This is my beloved blog that carries my name and I would like to keep it totally ad-free for as long as possible.

My blog is over four months old now and I didn’t even earn US$1, let alone earn US$100 in thirty days. I feel like a total failure now. SIGH! Do you have any idea how not to place advertisements and yet earn money? Ah… I think it’s time to dig the NewsRoom before my hosting bill arrives.
With love

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