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While window shopping on Merdeka eve night, I chanced upon a Maxis broadband promotion and couldn’t resist subscribing to a package. I do have Celcom 3G internet and DiGi also as backups for my Streamyx but I am looking for ways to lower my overhead costs.

Maxis broadband modem
Maxis broadband modem

Maxis seems to offer a better deal compared to Celcom and in addition to a Merdeka (Independence Day) offer, even a stingy me signed up for a package. To sign up, I had to pay MYR100. I was given a “notebook”. No, not laptop, but a paper notebook. LOL This is the reason I never refer to a laptop as notebook!

When I came home and called Customer Service to make some inquiries regarding the Maxis Broadband plan that I subscribed to, I was told that I am not advised to access the internet from my mobile phone because I may incur GPRS charges which is separate from the Maxis broadband that I subscribed to. This essentially mean that I may have to pay more in addition to the plan that I will be paying.

Now, this doesn’t sound right. It makes Celcom Broadband Advance sound cheap! I asked the promoter to find out for me about additional charges if I were to access the internet from my mobile phone and she, after calling Maxis Customer Service, gave me the same reply. She was rather apologetic about it.

So I went to Maxis Centre in Ipoh this afternoon to make sure for the third time if what I was made to understand was actually true. I figured that if it’s true then I would cancel my subscription and get a refund on the MYR100 that I paid, since I have one week free trial to try out the service. I have no issues with the service or the bandwidth (yet) but I definitely do not fancy receiving a monstrous bill at the end of the month.

According to the staff at Maxis Centre, there is no additional charge from the plan that I am subscribed to. I am going to make a note here and take it up to them if there are charges outside of my plan when the bill arrives. Good luck to me!

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