Maybankard – Maxis iPhone 3GS Exclusive Offer

No, I did not conveniently forget to blog these past 1.5 months. My blogs are always at the back of my mind even when I am busy chasing Beyond the Realm of Conscience, the latest TVB drama that stars Kevin Cheng, but for the past six months, Snoopy has been terribly ill, I am terribly ill from taking care of him and I am sure you are getting nauseous just reading about it.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, I received this temptation from Maybank and Maxis. These two companies have collaborated to entice me with a hard to resist exclusive offer of an iPhone 3GS. The first thousand Maybankard holders who take up this offer will get to save at least RM250 signing up for any Maxis iValue package.

As a 2G iPhone user, I am just waiting for an opportunity to upgrade my iPhone but seriously, an iPhone 3GS is luxury and I cannot justify splurging so much on a device and rewarding myself when I haven’t been working hard for the past six months, if I worked at all!

One thing that’s stopping me from signing up with Maxis on this iPhone 3GS promotion is the inability to port my Celcom number. I understand that I would need a new number that carries a prefix of 012; probably due to branding. At the same time, I do not wish to have two mobile lines. One is sufficient.

Another issue I have with Maxis iValue 1 is that I would only get 500MB of data for free per month. I don’t know how much that is but that definitely isn’t enough if Streamyx goes down. I’m not prepared to get a surprise when the bill comes at the end of the month. Sigh… I guess I am going to give this a pass, unless someone pays for the iPhone 3GS. My birthday’s coming up, you know? *ahem*
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