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Merdeka! Merdeka!! Merdeka!!!

Malaysia is celebrating her 51st Independence Day today, 31st of August. I walked out of my house this morning and a neighbourhood guy greeted me with, “What price dropped?” And I replied, “Rice price dropped.” It cracked me up.

There was a “countdown celebration” last night. I was working at the computer when the clock struck twelve. It was all quiet and peaceful at home when BOOM suddenly fireworks were fired from Dataran Ipoh. It gave me a fright, I tell you, because it was unexpected. They were a couple of minutes late. Or perhaps my clock is quicker.

Fireworks display at Dataran Merdeka at the stroke of midnight

What does Merdeka mean to you? To some people, it means just another day to spend with the family. To some people, it means a day off work. To some others, it means a day to sleep in. People from my generation do not know how to cherish the independence that we are enjoying today, which was struggled for by our forefathers because we have never lived under British or Communist rule before.

Anyway, whatever your plans are today, I hope that you are making the fullest use of this holiday. Happy Merdeka!
With love

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