Volkswagen Car Show @ Kinta City, Ipoh

I have to admit that I almost, almost, forgot about this car show in Kinta City (Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia) which I bumped into almost three weeks ago. The dates on the photos indicate they were taken on 11th August, 2010. Duh!

Volkswagen Eos

I am not in the market for a car, be it a new or cheap used car, but I like to look at cars. I appreciate the beauty of luxury cars though I may never be able to afford one. The Volkswagen cars on display were supposed to be “new” cars in Malaysia; namely the Beetle, Passat CC Sport and Eos. If I remember correctly, Scirocco GT was not around.

Volkswagen Beetle

Malaysians are sad folks. Even if they could afford a more powerful Beetle, they only can choose between 1.6 and 2.0cc. In the US, there’s the 2.5cc Beetle too.

Volkswagen Beetle
Black Volkswagen Beetle

The salesman who introduced Passat CC Sport to us was very good. He told me that I could arrange for a test drive if I like, without prejudice that I may just be yet another shopper that wastes his time without the budget for a car that costs MYR250,000!

Passat CC Sport
Volkswagen Passat CC Sport

I tell you, even if I have that kind of budget, I’d rather invest in real estate but then people who own such cars probably already have blocks of buildings in their name or something. LOL But boy, look at the gleam!

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