“Branded” Warehouse Sale @ Stadium Indera Mulia Car Park, Ipoh

warehouse sale

When I spotted these buntings along the road to Stadium Indera Mulia (indoor stadium) on my way to PC Fair last week, I was very excited. I remember the branded warehouse sales that I went to previously also held in the same venue and the good deals that I missed when I was taking care of Snoopy.

bazaar sale

So just now, under the hot sun, I made my way there to try to beat the crowd to the promised special offers, purportedly up to 70% discount. Upon arrival, I was quite taken aback that there was no crowd and plenty of parking spaces. For a second, I thought that I got the dates mixed up or something. But there was a little activity under newly erected canopies in the car park adjacent to Stadium Indera Mulia. Duh… is THIS the warehouse sale? No wonder no one was interested! The previous ones that were organized occupied such a large space; taking up the entire indoor stadium AND the car park. This…? And the banner screams of a warehouse sale in “Teluk Intan”. This is Ipoh!

bargain bin

Anyway, since I already arrived, I went to have a look. I wanted to buy shoes but most of the merchandise was targetted at new parents, from prams to baby beds, wet wipes, diapers, etc. You get my drift.

colourful bras

Frankly, I didn’t notice too many “brand names” except for Anakku and Lilian, where bras in a multitude of colours are being sold at between MYR10 to MYR20. And then there are more upmarket brands like Liz Claiborne, DKNY and Victoria’s Secret (VS) but these are all rejected goods with their labels slashed. Despite this, their price tags certainly didn’t reflect their rejected condition. I don’t mind that they are rejected and I can close an eye on their price tag because of their brand and quality but because these are Western brands, they are all so large, I couldn’t find anything that fits me.

warehouse shopping

I didn’t stay for long. I’m in fact pretty disappointed with the range of goods and the fact that I didn’t spot anything that was selling as low as 70% off. Anyway, if you would still like to go and have a look yourself, this “branded” warehouse sale would be open from 11am to 11pm daily until 9th September, 2010.

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