My blog buddies Albie and Angel O’liu liu have this thing called The Hug-Hug Club over at their blogs. Oh, I jeles because I don’t have such a club. Nobody wants to hug me. I am unloved. I have failed as a blogger. SIGH!

Although I have no plans to monetize this blog, I still want to raise my traffic and RSS subscribers. Why? It makes me feel good to see people reading, commenting and linking to me. In short, I need the motivation to blog.

I first heard of RSSHugger about two months ago [or so] from John Chow‘s blog. I must admit, I just skimmed though the post because I thought it was a paid review, rightly or wrongly, and I don’t read paid reviews. Naturally, I did not click on the link provided in the article. Yes, despite John Chow’s extraordinarily high click through rate, I did not click on it. 😀

Just now, I came upon a blog which I have even forgotten its address unless I backtrack and check the history of my browser [lazy] with a post on RSSHugger. I read that joining RSSHugger could help increase our readership and RSS subscribers. I definitely could do with an increment on both!

I signed up just now and hopefully, it would bring me a little bit more traffic than I have now. By the way, if you have not already subscribed to my RSS feed, please do so. Visit often and leave me a comment too so that this blog will not die a quiet, lonely death.
With love

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