As a blogger who writes more than twenty blog posts, sponsored and unsponsored, a day on average on a good day, I sometimes feel my mind going numb just thinking of what to write in my next post, trying to keep it at 50:50 with sponsored and unsponsored content at the very least. It is not easy but it has to be done.

I wonder how other semi-probloggers like me can think of so many topics to share daily, consistently. It is especially difficult when the blog is a niche blog and it’s the blogger’s responsibility to keep the posts on topic.

One thing I like about blogging here is that the only rules to follow are my own. I don’t need to worry about what others may think, if a post has a link or not, is it paid or not, is it too long or too short or not personable enough? Did I manage to work the link in sensibly, am I being true to myself, is this post relevant to my blog, what does the advertiser think? What about the sequence that my posts are being published? Am I publishing too many posts throughout the day that causes sponsored posts to be pushed down the page? I always feel guilty about this but hey, I’ve got a living to make, you know?

Dang…that’s a whole list of things to worry about when you are blogging for pay! Don’t you feel old and tired just REMEMBERING the rules?
With love

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