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Building A Successful Blog From Scratch

Friends wanted to know why I write so many blogs. Well, I write just for fun to express myself since working for myself, I hardly have the chance to interact with real people. Besides, I do not need to spend a fortune hosting my own blogs. I just need to renew my domain names and pay an annual low-priced hosting plan.

However, for people who want to seriously go into blogging or to make money from blogs, they should check out Upstart Blogger, especially their 25 Steps to Launching Your Blog and Making $100+ A Month in 30 Days. I wrote about this back in January, 2008.

Upstart Blogger has a wealth of information on how to make money blogging, beginning from how to set up a blog. Personally, I find the theme of Upstart Blogger extremely confusing so I cannot imagine what people who are not as web-savvy, people who are in my parents’ generation, would feel navigating through Upstart Blogger. These are the people who most need the knowledge in setting up a blog from scratch and making a success out of it and it would be more helpful if Upstart Blogger is more user-friendly.
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