Photos From PIKOM PC Fair 2010 (II) @ Ipoh

PC Fair
PC Fair 2010 (II) @ Ipoh
What’s so funny, Denise the Menace?

I went to PIKOM PC Fair yesterday afternoon purposely to bring you photos of PC Fair in Ipoh on the first day. You probably would like to know if there are any PC Fair showgirls in Ipoh. Yes, there are and they are all here to promote anti-virus software. The most strikingly dressed are Trend Micro girls, though all of them were shy and tried to avoid my camera, unlike showgirls from other fairs and exhibitions that I visited where the models would strike a pose as soon as they see a camera, without you asking!

PC Fair girls
sexy Trend Micro girls
Get off the phone, girl!

I can’t see how different this PC Fair is different from other previous PC Fairs or even the recent smaller-scale PC Show. The exhibitors are the same; heck, I even see the same shoppers, despite the crowd. I am sure some of them recognize me also. LOL

anti-virus program
Kaspersky promoters

As usual, we are getting a good dose of notebooks and netbooks, mobile phones, GPS devices, digital cameras and video camcorders, CCTV systems, printers, speakers and a multitude of computer accessories from laptop backpacks to pen drives, memory cards and more basic accessories like mouse, keyboards and headphones. This Fair, mp3 players and external hard disks are aggressively promoted by various vendors.

rows and rows of mobile phones

Oh now I remember, there is a new exhibitor this year. The company deals in refurbished desktop computers, monitors and laptops. I was interested in a used monitor but they aren’t cheap! Is it even worth buying a used monitor without knowing how many years of life it still has? So now I’m looking for someone to donate one to me. Oi! Charity here!

cheap mp3 players
'Mickey' MP3 players

At any PC fair, we cannot do without promoters of broadband internet. DiGi is promoting their Explore 10GB plan at a rate of MYR78 per month. This promotion is only valid during PC Fair 2010. The usual rate is MYR108. I was wrongly informed by a promoter that this monthly rate of MYR78 is lifetime but the flyer says that this rebate is only applicable for the first 12 months upon sign-up. These part-time promoters really have to do more homework or they would be liable for false advertisement.

Garmin Asus M10 Smart3 phones
Smart Phone, Smart Navigation, Smart Lifestyle
sleek Garmin Asus M10 Smart3 phones

At the end of my visit, I only picked up a cheap mouse. I tend to kill them ever so often because of the many free online games that I play. I guess I click too fast too many times and for far too long. Anyway, if you are interested to visit PC Fair (II) Ipoh, it will be around until Sunday, 29th August, 2010 at Stadium Indera Mulia (indoor stadium), Jalan Stadium Perak, Ipoh.

PC Fair in Ipoh
the crowd at Ipoh PC Fair (II)

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