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Random Shots From Singapore EXPO

CommunicAsia Singapore EXPO
CommunicAsia 2010

So I tagged along to Singapore EXPO to visit four exhibitions that were held concurrently last week and came away enthralled by the sheer size of the EXPO. I took a lot of photos at the exhibitions but here are some of the highlights.

Singapore EXPO billboard
Singapore EXPO billboard

Malaysia looked to me like the country with the most exhibitors this year. The organizer also made sure that the Malaysian Pavilion was the liveliest corner in the entire hall with traditional dances, lucky draws and walkabout by two clowns on stilts wearing the Malaysian flag.

Malaysian Pavilion
Malaysian Pavilion

I have to say that I laughed a lot because of their antics but at the back of my mind, I couldn’t help but think that these two clowns were totally out of place in an international trade show like this.

clowns on stilts
clowns on stilts

Their presence made receiving soft drinks and junk food in the 1Malaysia goodie bag seemed like a small issue. No wonder foreigners can’t help but associate Malaysians with clowns.

iTwin IT girl
iTwin girl

Of all the products that were promoted in these four exhibitions, two of them caught my eye. One was iTwin, a Singaporean product that will be launched later in the year, the other was Neoi from Germany, which produces novelty devices like credit card sized mobile phones. I like!

Neoi from Germany
Neoi from Germany

The most interesting exhibition to me was BroadcastAsia 2010 where exhibitors made use of very creative ways to present their products. Sony was one of the more outstanding ones. As you can see from this photo, two ladies sat down and painted umbrellas with striking colours. Sony was promoting their video cameras and they wanted to let us see how the colours could be captured on video.

colourful Sony
Sony colours

At the end of the day, I left Singapore EXPO with a new experience and a whole lot of new ideas! Let’s not forget the freebies too!

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One thought on “Random Shots From Singapore EXPO

  1. It seems to be an interesting exhibition, Well done! I enjoyed reading it, especially the part you wrote about “No wonder foreigners can’t help but associate Malaysians with clowns.”Right on Emily! 🙂 Why were the clowns necessary?

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