Perfect Livin ’15

Perfect Livin Ipoh
1. Perfect Livin ‘15

The three-day home and lifestyle exhibition ends today. I was there to take these photos on the first day, and boy, was it quiet.

Perfect Livin Ipoh
2. part of the exhibition

Perfect Livin Ipoh
3. living room sets

Perhaps Ipoh consumers are weary of a non-local organiser or they were weary because it was Friday already and the week had been long.

Perfect Livin Ipoh
4. Signature Wardrobe

Perfect Livin Ipoh
5. large screen TVs

Anyway, this Pefect Livin was sparse and there weren’t as many exhibitors as I had anticipated. I remember the ones that I visited in Kuala Lumpur were huge.

Perfect Livin Ipoh
6. safety boxes

Perfect Livin Ipoh
7. washing machines

One good thing is that since the organiser is from out of town, there were not many familiar faces. This also means that some of the items for sale are not so common in Ipoh yet. Yay!

Perfect Livin Ipoh
8. Jacuzzi

Perfect Livin Ipoh
9. patio furniture

And the bigger attraction would be the over RM400,000 worth of prizes to be won! There’s a free gift of a kitchen timer, purchase to win, lucky draws, and more.

Perfect Livin Ipoh
10. patio furniture

Perfect Livin Ipoh
11. garden landscape

The lucky person will also have his or her entire shopping paid for. That’s what I like!

Event: Perfect Livin ’15
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Date: 2nd – 4th October, 2015
Time: 10am – 10pm

Perfect Livin Ipoh
12. garden landscape

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6 thoughts on “Perfect Livin ’15

  1. I went for the last Perfect Living expo, didn’t go this round. That’s because the last round I was looking for furnitures to move in to my new place. Unfortunately, I always feel these expos are catered for the rich only, nothing is reasonably priced there!

    But if you are into the brands, then its akin to getting a good deal on that LV / Bottega Venetta product. Great prices for branded furnitures. Not so for simple folks like me 🙂

    Nice sharing though emily.

  2. Those couches are seriously for perfect living. Might need to do some shopping for new chairs soon.

  3. WAH. i would want to win a shopping round too. More reasons to get my own house soon T.T

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