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Announcement: Year-End Perak Homex

The year-end Perak Homex will see furniture that feature the latest 2016 designs sold for the first time. The exhibition, organised by the Perak Furniture Makers & Dealers’ Association will be held from November 26 to 29, 2015 at Stadium Indera Mulia, from 10am to 10pm.

Perak Homex is the only official exhibition by the Perak Furniture Makers & Dealers’ Association. It is endorsed and supported by the Malaysia Furniture Entrepreneur Association (MFEA), Perak state government as well as the Ipoh City Council.

The previous edition of Perak Homex was in August, but it was a collaboration with Perak IT Fair. If you were like me, I bet you weren’t that satisfied with the number of exhibitors at that fair.

Well, fret not! This upcoming Perak Homex will cover a floor space of 8,000 sq. metre, with close to four hundred exhibition booths, by almost 300 vendors.

Perak Homex exhibition
Perak Homex organising committee and association members

As you can imagine, there will be plenty to see AND buy, basically everything that you need to fit out a house or office, under one roof. Besides the full range of furniture, expect to be able to check out household electrical appliances and even automobiles.

The Perak Furniture Makers & Dealers’ Association is particular with its exhibitors; so, every company has undergone a stringent screening process. The majority of them are companies based in Perak which minimises the problems associated with the purchase of furniture from “unknown” companies. Hence, Perak Homex has become a brand that consumers have come to trust.

The best thing is that the furniture are Made in Malaysia, which means, it makes no difference to the consumer even when the Ringgit has lost so much value against the American Dollar.

In fact, due to the stiff competition of one-stop convenience, consumers can expect prices of items sold at Perak Homex to be lower as exhibitors compete for business. Some would generously throw in freebies with every purchase.

Another good thing about a platform such as Perak Homex is that local furniture designers have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and designs to the local crowd and to receive direct feedback from consumers. Are you aware that even international furniture manufacturers engage Malaysian designers to conceptualise their range of furniture?

This exhibition in November is the association’s seventh expo in six years. As usual, consumers have plenty to gain shopping at Perak Homex. There will be a lucky draw with a grand prize of RM6,888 and first prize of RM3,888 cash. Other prizes up for grabs are LED television sets, motorcycles, mountain bikes and many other attractive gifts worth a total of RM50,000.

Every receipt of RM500 is entitled to one ticket to the lucky draw. Moreover, those with a receipt of RM2500 will automatically walk away with a food warmer while those with a receipt of RM5000 take home a larger 3-tier food warmer.

In fact, every visitor to step foot into Perak Homex will receive a goody bag plus stand to bag prizes in the twice-daily “Visit & Win” random draws.

Perak Homex is a family-centric exposition. Therefore, a series of activities has been lined up, including a feng shui talk by consultant Jason Eng (27th & 28th Nov, 3pm) and children’s colouring contest. The exposition is expected to attract 80,000 visitors.

Event: Perak Homex 2015
Venue: Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh
Date: 26th – 29th November, 2015
Time: 10am – 10pm

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6 thoughts on “Announcement: Year-End Perak Homex

  1. Really? on 26th-29th Nov? Is there any Home Fair during December? Need to buy a new mattress and a few items. But my cousing is getting married on that day so I have to balik kampung. Pls let me know if there is any during December 2015.

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