I took these photos of a Bonsai & Suiseki exhibition in Kinta City about ten days ago. Don’t remember exactly when and don’t even know if this exhibition is still on but the last time I was in Kinta City, last weekend if not mistaken, it was still around.

I don’t think there was any information in the form of a banner or flyer about when this exhibition starts or ends but there was a bunting, without such vital information unfortunately, in Chinese which I couldn’t read. The organizers must think that only Chinese speaking people are interested in Bonsai and Suiseki. So not true.

I have to confess, I was lazy to come up with a post to publish these photos on my blog. I simply took too many photos and editing them was overwhelming so I only chose these for my blog. Photos of Suiseki will follow in another post. There are even more photos of stones than plants! Eeek!

With love

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