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Good Friday & Easter

Malaysia no public holiday on Good Friday, though yesterday was a public holiday, BUT holidays where got enough wan? 😛

Just now, I purposely went online surfing around for Easter photos and look what I found. Hahaha now my blog is certified “Adult” already what with this f@rking bunny and the naked photos.

OK, I know Fatty will again say that my mind is dirty after the pussy photos but eh, this is as clean as you can get.

This photo below reminds me of the chicks I used to keep at home. LOL my dad used to let us keep chicks, birds and ducklings, all with the intention of EATING them when they mature. Yeerrr you can imagine how traumatic it always was for us! But Chinese are like that, they eat everything that could be eaten and even those that COULDN’T!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Happy “holidays” to everyone and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. I also declare my own holiday lah! See you next week!
With love

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