Announcement: The Other Festival 2015

Celebrating Ipoh Old Town’s history, food and arts is The Other Festival (2015).

To take place over three weekends from October 22 to November 8, 2015 with the theme “Mapping the City”, this inaugural festival focuses on a series of trails designed by popular household names originally from Ipoh or have a strong connection to the city.

The Other Festival

This festival is curated by Kakiseni, a team of people that celebrates the arts, in collaboration with the stakeholders of Ipoh Old Town.

The main objective is to encourage participants of the festival to explore the area on foot and to discover inspiring tales behind the crumbling facade of the heritage buildings of Old Town.

Although it is said that festival goers can expect a lively mix of performances, guided tours, movie screenings, food trails and many more activities, it is not known yet the detailed programme for each particular weekend.

For updates on The Other Festival 2015, log on to Facebook.

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